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Dr. Leah Gramlich


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Division of Gastroenterology
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About Me

Leah Gramlich is a gastroenterologist and physician nutrition specialist based out of the Royal Alexandra Hospital. She is a professor of Medicine at the University of Alberta. She has held many leadership positions and is currently the Provincial Medical Advisor for Nutrition Services in Alberta Health Services. She sits on several Strategic Clinical Networks. She is the medical lead for ERAS Alberta. She is innovative, creative and leads clinical and academic teams and achieves success with strategic thinking, connectivity, capability and empathy.

She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at University of Alberta in 1987 and completed her gastroenterology fellowship there. She did a fellowship in nutrition and metabolism at Harvard prior to returning to Edmonton to lead clinical nutrition programs in the region.

Leah Is the founding president of the Canadian Nutrition Society which brings the broad based nutrition community together across Canada. She is a member of the Board of directors of the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition. She is the chair of the Canadian Malnutrition Task force.

Leah leads and contributes actively to many research teams spanning basic, applied and health systems research. Research foci include Enhancing Recovery After Surgery, Nutrition Care, Malnutrition, Home Nutrition Support, Nutrition and Cancer and Nutrition Education.

Leah is the recipient of the national 2018 Khursheed Jeejeebhoy Award in honor of Leadership linking nutrition research and practice.

Leah and her partner of 30 years Maria live with their two sons in Glenora. They thrive within a large family that extends to the community. Her other interests include walking, reading, yoga, scrabble and anything in nature. She strives for peace and balance.


Leah provides teaching for a wide variety of learners at various stages of training across a number of faculties including Medicine, Nursing and Nutrition. She developed a nutrition fellowship program which is only one of two such programs available in Canada. With her work in Enhanced Recovery she is the the co-supervisor of two stellar PhD students (Lisa Martin, Chelsea Gillis) both of whom have received major grants in support of their studies and work. She is supervisor for Melita Avdagovska in her PhD study into how EMR's and patient portals work - she is recipient of a CIHR award for study. She sits on 3 other PhD committees.  


Key Research areas include:

1. Enhancing Recovery: using implementation science to change practice

                                   knowledge generation in various surgical populations related to nutrition and nutrition care - eg - body compmosition

                                   clinical trials in surgery populations: eg - carbohydrate loading in diabetics

2. Malnutrition: - causes, contributors, changing practice through implementation science

3. Nutrition support - enteral and parenteral nutrition: timing, dose, composition, strategies to reduce harm and enhance benefits in inpatients and outpatients

4. Nutrition Education: patients/public, undergraduate, postgraduate - standards, tools, strategies

Research Keywords

implementation science, Nutrition

Team Members

ERAS Alberta - Co- lead: Dr. Gregg Nelson, Research Director: Loreen Gilmour; Members: Tracy Wasylak, Peter Farris, Thanh Nguyen, Alison Nelson, Lisa Martin, Chelsea Gillis, Carlota Basualdo Hammond

HPN, HEN: Lead: Dr. Jennifer Jin, Laurie Mcgilvary 

Nutrition Services, Alberta Health Services: Carlota Basualdo Hammond, Mei Tom, Janet Stadnyk, Lorna Driedger, Cathy Alberda, Leanne Mulesa