Faculty Members

Dr. Paul Major

Professor & Department Chair

Department of Dentistry

Division of Orthodontics

About Me

Dr. Major completed his Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) at the University of Alberta in 1980. He went on to complete MSc degree and Orthodontic Specialty training at the University of Alberta in 1988. Dr. Major accepted an academic appointment at the University of Alberta in 1989, and has served as Director of the postgraduate TMD/Orofacial Pain Program from 1991-2001 and as Director of the Orthodontic Graduate Program from 2001-2010. He presently serves as the Professor and Chair, School of Dentistry and Senior Associate Dean (Dental Affairs) at the University of Alberta. 

 During his academic career, he has published more than 190 publications and supervised the research of more than 75 graduate students. He has presented many lectures at national and international forums. In addition to his responsibilities as Chair of the School of Dentistry, he is continuing with clinical teaching and graduate student research supervision. He also maintains a busy orthodontic private practice part-time.


  • Biomechanics Orthodontic Research Group - Analysis and prediction of complex orthodontic force systems 
  • Development and validation of 3D reconstructed images of the craniofacial complex 
  • Interdisciplinary diagnosis and treatment of sleep disordered breathing (obstructive sleep apnea) in children and adolescents 
  • Orthodontic Biomechanics
    • We have designed, constructed and calibrated an orthodontic simulations system (OSIM) that allows measurement of 3D forces and moments acting simultaneously on all 14 teeth engaged in an orthodontic appliance such as an archwire. We are conducting a series of experiments to analyze force prorogation around the dental arch with various wire/bracket systems in specific malocclusions. 
    • We have designed an experimental device to measure in-sit bracket/wire deformation and stress, using high magnification imaging optics and CCD camera system. This is being applied in a series of experiments investigating torque and friction.  
  • Inter-disciplinary Airway Research Clinic (I-ARC) 
    Our interdisciplinary team (pediatric ENT, pediatric pulmonology, radiology, orthodontics, biomedical engineering) evaluate and treat children with sleep disordered breathing (including obstructive sleep apnea). Within this context of patient care we are conducting several research projects including:
    • Evaluation of craniofacial morphology in relation to sleep disordered breathing
    • Evaluation of orthodontic interventions within an interdisciplinary care model
    • Evaluation of CBCT against naso-endoscopy to screen patients at risk for upper airway anatomic insufficiency 
    • Evaluation of autosegmentation software application for airway measurements from CBCT images