Dr. Robert Gniadecki

Professor / Director

Department of Medicine

Division of Dermatology
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About Me

Dr. Robert Gniadecki received his MD degree from Warsaw Medical School (Poland) in 1991 and three years later he obtained his PhD from the Faculty of Health Sciences at Copenhagen University (Denmark) and became a specialist in dermatology in 2001 (certified in Denmark and Canada). In 2010 he was appointed as a full clinical professor at the University of Copenhagen and in 2015 at the University of Alberta, Canada. Dr Gniadecki has served as a president of the Danish Dermatological Society, treasurer of the Canadian Dermatology Foundation and board members of the ESDR (European Society of Dermatological Research) and ISCL (International Society of Cutaneous Lymphomas). He is a member of several editorial boards including the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology, Dermatology, and Frontiers in Medicine. Dr Gniadecki published >200 peer-reviewed papers. Among major clinical and scientific accomplishments are: development of the low-dose protocol of total skin irradiation for patients with cutaneous lymphomas, the discovery of lymphoma stem cells and introduction of photophoresis and Mohs surgery to dermatology in Denmark. His current scientific activities focus on genomics the experimental therapeutics of cutaneous lymphoma and autoimmune skin diseases and the clinical aspects of the biological treatment of psoriasis. 


Translational research: cutaneous oncology with focus on pathogenesis and experimental therapy of cutaneous T-cell lymphomas and skin immunology.

Clinical research areas: biologic treatment of psoriasis, risk of skin cancer, radiotherapy and phototherapy of cutaneous T-cell lymphomas, real-world evidence. 

Research Keywords

Cutaneous lymphoma, genetics, exome sequencing