Academic Faculty


Sangita Sharma, PhD

Endowed Chair in Aboriginal Health
Centennial Professor/Professor in Aboriginal and Global Health Research

Medicine & Dentistry


About Me

I am currently the Endowed Chair in Aboriginal Health and a Professor in Aboriginal and Global Health Research at the University of Alberta. My research experience combines nutritional sciences, epidemiology, health promotion and community-based interventions that specifically focus on the development of dietary assessment methodologies for multi-ethnic populations globally. I have over 20 years of experience assessing nutrition, physical activity and program delivery in over 11 countries and 22 populations. Research grants (PI/Co-PI=29), and publications (n=92) have been multidisciplinary, multi-ethnic, and included major chronic diseases: 1) development of dietary assessment methodologies for multi-ethnic and indigenous populations to assess food, nutrient, food group, heterocyclic aromatic amine intake, and determine dietary adequacy; 2) developing and evaluating community- based dietary and lifestyle (including physical activity) intervention studies for obesity and chronic disease prevention; 3) determining diet-disease associations in 215,000 people, for cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and mortality; 4) examining nutrient-gene interactions and risk of cancer in different ethnic groups (African Americans, Native Hawaiians, Latinos, Japanese Americans, Japanese Brazilians, and Caucasians); 5) monitoring the effects of climate change on diet and lifestyle. Dr. Sharma has had extensive population subgroup experience, which includes undertaking dietary assessment studies, with: Canada (First Nations, Metis, Inuit, Inuvialuit), USA (Apache, Navajo, Alaskan Natives, Latino, African American, Japanese American, Native Hawaiian, Caucasian), England (African-origin, Pakistani, Indian), Cameroon (urban/rural), Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, Brazil (Japanese Brazilians), Indonesia (0-24 months old), Nepal (pregnant women).

Other Activities and Affiliations

  • Leader of the Aboriginal and Global Health Group
  • Membership on Panels, Boards, Working Groups, Networks
  • Canadian Public Health Association
  • Alberta Institute for Human Nutrition
    • Canadian Circumpolar Institute
    • American Society for Nutrition
    • World Public Health Nutrition Association
    • Canadian Society for International Health
    • Healthy Caribbean Coalition
    • Association for Nutrition
    • American Diabetes Association
    • American Association for Cancer Research
    • American Society for Nutritional Sciences
    • American Society for Clinical Nutrition
    • Society for International Nutrition Research
    • UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists – Registered Public Health Nutritionist
    • The Nutrition Society, UK
    • Community Group involvement
    • Wisest Summer Student Program, 2012
    • National Aboriginal Day 2012
    • TAWOW Aboriginal Student donations 2012


    Research Areas

    Aboriginal Health and chronic disease

    Research Goals

    To create a world-renowned go-to place for sustainable, evidence-based intervention research working to enhance the health and well-being of Indigenous and global populations. The Aboriginal and Global Health Research Group is enhancing health and reducing chronic disease prevalence among Indigenous Peoples and multi-ethnic populations along identified research priority themes, by generating evidence and intervention and expediting its transfer into community based projects.

    Major Achievements

    • Healthy Foods North: A successful nutrition and physical activity programto reduce obesity in Inuit populations in Arctic Canada.
    • Centennial Professor, University of Alberta, 2011;
    • The Nutrition Society Silver Medal Award, 2010;
    • Advanced Programme: European Nutrition Leadership Platform 2012;
    • Dannon Institute Academic Mid-Career Nutrition Fellowship 2010;
    • Special Commendation for Excellent Research, Caribbean Health Research Council 2009;
    • University Research Travel Awards 2002-2008 (x4);
    • European Nutrition Leadership Program Fellowship 1996;
    • Research Project Prize, University of Wales 1992


    • Nonsikelelo Mathe
      Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (2011-Present)
    • Mary Ani-Amponsah
      PhD Student (2011 - Present)