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Stan Houston, MD, DTM&H, FRCPC


Medicine & Dentistry


About Me

He received his MD from the University of Saskatchewan. He has had training & qualification in Family Medicine, Tropical Medicine, Internal Medicine & Infectious Disease. He has worked in primary care in northern Saskatchewan and rural Africa, and for 4 years in academic Medicine at the University of Zimbabwe. He also serves as consultant to Travellers Health Services, and the New Canadians Health Centre; and on the Board of Edmonton's needle exchange program. He initiated a course on the epidemiology & control of infectious diseases. He is actively involved in international projects including Uganda. He teaches in other disciplines, e.g. Parasitology and Pharmacy and has received awards for medical student, resident and Public Health graduate teaching. He currently sits on the Council of the Alberta College of Physicians and on the board of the Parkland Institute. He enjoys cycling, x-c skiing, running, theatre and reading and keeping up with the activities of his father, wife and 2 adult kids. His primary source of anxiety is current federal government policy in the area of refugee health, among other policies.

Director, Northern Alberta HIV Program

Divisional/Departmental cross appointments: Division of General Internal Medicine; School of Public Health

Clinical interests/responsibilities: HIV, tropical medicine/clinical parasitology, general Infectious Diseases and General Internal Medicine

Research interests: HIV care (including perinatal transmission, care among disadvantaged groups), HIV epidemiology

Educational/teaching interests: Epidemiology and control of Infectious Diseases, parasitology, Integrated Community Clerkship, relations with industry.

Other health-related interests: Refugee health, travellers' health, inequality & health

Favourite Quote: "The physician is the natural attorney of the poor." - Rudolph Virchow.