Faculty Members

Scott Garrison

Associate Professor
Department of Family Medicine
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About Me

Scott spent the first 20 years of his professional career as a full time fee-for-service family physician. He has a passion for evidence-based medicine and left full time clinical practice in 2013 intent on pursuing clinical trials that address important, as yet unaddressed, primary care questions. He retains a research presence in his former community of practice (Richmond, BC) and is working to build a platform for large primary care trials in both BC and Alberta.


  1. Pragmatic Trials Collaborative
    This initiative involves supporting family physicians to conduct clinical trials that fit easily into their everyday workflow, in part by seeking partnerships with Ministries of Health to utilize existing administrative claims data as trial outcomes (i.e. "hard outcomes" such as mortality, hospitalization, institutionalization, hip fracture, or stroke). For more information, go to www.PragmaticTrials.ca.
  2. Rational Use of Therapeutics
    Do older adults do better with less medication? Does the J-curve for diastolic hypertension exist because low diastolic blood pressure is harmful? Does the timing of blood pressure medication (i.e. AM versus hs) matter? Should we be treating to home, rather than office, BP readings? These are all examples of questions Dr. Garrison hopes to enable practicing family physicians to answer.
  3. Soft Tissue Disorders
    Although his primary research interest is in randomized trials, Scott has a clinical interest in soft tissue disorders. He has published multiple articles related to nocturnal leg cramps and continues to have an active clinical and research interest in this area.

Research Keywords

Anticoagulation, Atrial fibrillation, DVT, Family medicine, High Blood Pressure, Pragmatic trial, Primary care, Pulmonary embolus, Randomized controlled trial, Stroke, Time in therapeutic range, Vitamin K, Warfarin