Dr. Vivian Mushahwar


Department of Medicine

Division of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
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About Me

Dr. Mushahwar is a Professor in the Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. An engineer by training (electrical), Dr. Mushahwar obtained her Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from the University of Utah. Research in the Mushahwar lab focuses on many aspects such as the restoration of standing and walking after spinal cord injury and the detection and prevention of deep tissue pressure sores using functional electrical stimulation (FES) techniques. The Mushahwar lab is working with other groups of the Project SMART team to develop implantable devices that utilize intraspinal microstimulation (ISMS) to stimulate the “control centre” for standing and stepping in the spinal cord and thereby restore this ability after spinal cord injury. In addition, in collaboration with researchers in the Stein, Chan, and Dukelow research groups, Mushahwar’s lab is developing a garment to detect and prevent the onset of pressure sores in wheelchair and bed ridden patients.