Solar Power Oxygen Delivery For Childhood Pneumonia in Low Income Settings

with Nicholas Conradi, BSc, MPH, MD, PhD Candidate
9:40 am - 10:10 am

Our team consisting of Dr. Michael Hawkes, Dr. Nicholas Conradi, Dr. Abdullah Saleh, Dr. Qaasim Mian and Dr. Saleh Nyendehad, developed a technique to provide oxygen off the electrical grid in remote and rural areas, testing the process at 25 hospitals in Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Somalia. This presentation will discuss the proof-of-concept, efficacy (mortality benefit), and cost-effectiveness of solar powered oxygen delivery. We will also speculate on pathways to scale to maximize global impact. This presentation will provide an update of this project which was discussed at a Global Health Rounds presentation in February 2022.

Dr. Nicholas Conradi has a BSc in Biological Science and Human Geography from the University of Alberta, an MPH from King’s College London, University of London and MD from the University of Limerick.  He is currently a Pediatric Resident and completing his PhD in Medical Sciences, Pediatrics at the University of Alberta.  He is the co-founder of World Interdisciplinary Forum for Healthcare which was formed following The Network:  Towards Unity for Health (TUFH) 2018 International Conference. Students from across 13 countries and 5 continents committed themselves to reinventing the way students passionate about healthcare (whether from medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, business, engineering, etc.) engage with one another in joint learning, research, and advocacy. Together, we hope to improve the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve locally, nationally, and internationally by developing innovative interdisciplinary approaches to local healthcare issues, all while sharing and accessing the great ideas being developed around the world.