U of A researchers receive funding for project on inflammatory disease

Generous gift from non-profit organization to help fund Sarcoidosis research

Amy Hewko - 10 April 2013

The National Sarcoidosis Organization donated $13,000 to U of A researchers on April 8, 2013On April 8, 2013, the National Sarcoidosis Organization (NSO) presented Nicola Cherry and Jeremy Beach with a $13,000 donation for research funding. In the largest study of pulmonary sarcoidosis to date, the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry researchers are investigating interactions between genes and environment that may lead to sarcoidosis.

Sarcoidosis is a condition marked by the growth of abnormal masses composed of inflamed tissues, known as granulomas, in an organ. Though sarcoidosis can affect any organ, it most commonly manifests in the lungs. The cause of the condition is unknown.

The NSO is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to supporting research and awareness of sarcoidosis throughout the country. It also offers emotional support to sarcoidosis patients and their families. This donation was made to the University of Alberta in the memory of Chad Weisgerber, an Alberta man who passed away in May 2012 due to neuro-sarcoidosis complications.