Medical students spearhead fun run to raise awareness about distraction free driving

Raquel Maurier - 25 September 2013

Medical students at the University of Alberta are challenging other health sciences students and undergrads to help them raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving.

This weekend, medical students are hosting a fun run/walk in Emily Murphy Mark called the 'Dash for Cellphone-Free Driving.' Instead of collecting financial donations, they are collecting pledges from people who are committed to a life of cell phone free driving - that means no texting while driving and no hands free conversations either.

This is the second year medical students are running the event, encouraging their friends and family to make the pledge of distraction free driving.

"Many people drive while distracted on their cell phone and think they won't get into an accident or hurt someone else, and when it does happen to them, it's too late," says second-year medical student Angela Han, one of the co-ordinators of the event.

"That one text message or phone call can wait 15 minutes until you get to your location. This is a huge issue, and sadly it's 100 per cent preventable. As medical students, we are trying to do our part to stop these bad habits, and to be health advocates."

Han hopes it will soon become part of standard care for physicians to ask patients about cell phone use while driving, when taking patient histories.

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