Awards and Accolades - February 2017

Celebrating the achievements of our faculty, staff and students.

Kirsten Bauer - 16 February 2017

February 2017

Once again we are proud to celebrate an impressive and diverse body of work by members of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. Congratulations on your outstanding achievements in research, community service, education and clinical care.

Thomas Greidanus of orthopedic surgery has earned a Meritorious Service Cross from the Governor General of Canada, for the life-changing care he provides as part of Operation Esperanza. He and his team travel to Ecuador yearly to perform corrective surgery on children with clubfoot, hip and knee replacements on adults, as well as training for local doctors.

Clinical professor Alika Lafontaine is the inaugural winner of the Public Policy Forum's Emerging Indigenous Leader Award. Lafontaine is a team leader of the Integrative Health Institute and member of the Board of Governors for First Nations University of Canada. An award-winning physician, speaker, alignment consultant, and the first Indigenous physician listed by The Medical Post as one of Canada's 50 Most Powerful Doctors, this award is well earned.

Shokrollah Elahi has been awarded the Canadian Society for Immunology 2017 New Investigator Travel Award. We look forward to hearing where this award takes your research next!

Hein Min Tun has received an AIHS Postdoctoral Fellowship Award under the supervision of Anita Kozyrskyj (Department of Pediatrics) for his project: "How pets make babies healthier: Their influence on gut microbes and gut maturity." The project is part of the Synergy in Microbiota (SyMBIOTA) research program.

Lindsey C. Felix of the Department of Medicine has received the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship, earning a position with Paige Lacy's Pulmonary Research Group. Well done!

Alexander Dyck, psychiatry resident, has received the Charles Peter W. Warren History of Medicine Essay Prize, for his paper Patients, Politics and Psychiatric Classification at Weyburn Mental Hospital: 1921-1948.

Rejish Thomas, PGY-3 psychiatry resident, won the Coordinators of Postgraduate Psychiatry Education (COPE) Best Paper entitled Teaching Transcultural Psychiatry in Residency: Results From a Pilot Seminar.

Did we miss something?
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