Convocation 2017 Spotlight Series | Ian King

Physician. Mental health advocate. Optimist. Ian King is inspired to help those in difficult circumstances.

Melissa Fabrizio - 06 June 2017

Ian King is graduating from the MD Program and beginning his residency in psychiatry at the University of Alberta starting in July.

What advice would you give to new students?
Avoid becoming overly fixated on your end-goals, and make a conscious effort not to take anything in the present moment for granted. Give attention to the most important relationships in your life and remember to take care of yourself. Lastly, recognize that there will inevitably be setbacks along the way, but these moments are probably what you will benefit the most from in the long run.

Who was your mentor or favourite professor?
One of my favourite mentors was Dr. Bob Carter, who supervised me during my family medicine rotation. He demonstrated the huge impact that having a humble attitude and treating others respectfully can have on a work environment. This was especially evident in the way his patients and staff spoke of him. He clearly had a strong hold on his priorities and offered some great advice on how to keep life balanced in a potentially stressful and consuming profession.

What's next for you?
In July I'm beginning my residency training in Psychiatry at the University of Alberta. I have a special interest in providing care for individuals with addictions and difficult social circumstances, and hope to pursue this area over the course of my residency and into my career.