FRESH FACES II Getting to know the new arrivals in our radiation therapy and medical laboratory science programs

Meet a couple of new students entering the radiation therapy and medical laboratory science programs at the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry this fall.

Ross Neitz - 14 September 2017

Brittany Lee

BSc Radiation Therapy program, Class of 2020

Why do you want to become a radiation therapist?

I found out about the program through a friend and got really interested in it. I always knew I wanted to be some sort of counsellor or therapist. I'm just really passionate about helping people and I really value empathy. That's what made me want to go into radiation therapy.

Brittany Lee

What are you most excited to learn about?

I'm really excited to learn about patient care and developing those professional skills. I think being in a professional program is going to be a lot different than your regular science courses where it's not really applicable. Like you don't have much direction as to where it's going. So I'm really excited to be in courses that are going to give me a lot of direction and really be applicable toward a career.

Zach Sereda

BSc Medical Laboratory Science program, Class of 2021

Why do you want to become a medical laboratory technologist?

I think it started when I first took a course called Medical Microbiology. There was a lot of discussion on pathogens and disease and I got really interested in working in the lab and looking at human samples to uncover where problems stem from at the very start. I talked with one of my professors and she sent me on to talk with one of the coordinators of Medical Laboratory Science and that got the ball rolling.

Zach Sereda

Is there anything you are nervous about?

There is a lot I'm nervous about. I think one of the big things is my first lab session. Definitely phlebotomy, if I'm saying that right. Just because I've never actually worked on other people. All of my lab courses have been just working with chemicals and that sort of thing, so working with patients and patient specimens is definitely something I'm nervous about. I'm excited as well, though.