Program Evaluation + Quality Improvement

The Program Evaluation Unit (PEU) oversees all aspects of the evaluation of the MD Program and curriculum. This includes administering more than 100,000 evaluations of courses, clerkships, and instructors each year. Program evaluation also informs continuous quality improvement and supports the accreditation process.

The PEU is an integrated administrative unit responsible for all aspects of the evaluation of the MD Program. It includes the assistant dean of program evaluation, a program evaluation specialist and a program evaluation analyst.

About the PEU

Who We Are

The PEU administers and oversees all aspects of MD Program evaluation. Our services:

  • Provide evaluation services to the MD Program
  • Deliver strategic reporting to support leadership in the MD Program
  • Gather and report data to support the accreditation of the medical education program
  • Provide data in response to requests from MD Program leadership (including course and clerkship coordinators). For example, questions regarding the evaluation of specific sessions or activities, including timely feedback for instructors/preceptors
  • Operationalize the Program Evaluation Framework
  • Support evidence-informed continuous quality improvement in the MD Program
  • Deliver strategic reporting to measure progress toward the MD Program’s strategic plan and the Program Evaluation Framework
  • Offer evaluation advice and consultation
  • Support and facilitate health education scholarship

The PEU includes the assistant dean, program evaluation and a program evaluation specialist and is supported by the program evaluation analyst.

Program Evaluation Framework

The work of the PEU is outlined in the Program Evaluation Framework document. The document describes a systematic approach to the evaluation of the MD Program and its curriculum. This framework outlines the overall approach to program evaluation and quality improvement, the sources of data, timelines and implementation plans.

Program Evaluation Framework


Dr. Joanne Rodger, Assistant Dean, Program Evaluation
Phone: 780-492-9522

Kelly Gibson, Program Evaluation Specialist
Phone: 780-492-3884

Email: or

Lauren Deines, Program Evaluation Analyst

Phone: 780-492-4128
Email: or

Medical Student Feedback in the MD Program

Student Feedback

Student feedback falls into three categories: program, place and person.


This category includes feedback gathered through course evaluations and other student feedback forms like course/clerkship evaluations, preceptor or resident evaluations and session evaluations.


This refers exclusively to hot spot surveys, which are used by the MD Program to address mistreatment in the learning environment.


These feedback sources include the professionalism and racism reporting processes designed to act on the most serious concerns in a timely fashion.

Teaching Evaluation Score (TES) Reports

Instructors who teach in the MD Program will now be sent an email through MedSIS every time a new TES report is available to them. The email that is sent includes a direct link to their individual report (for security purposes, the link expires in 72 hours). These TES reports provide instructors with feedback from students (as long as the instructor has three or more evaluations).

Faculty members who have questions or concerns about their TES report are encouraged to contact the coordinator for the course or clerkship they taught in: Dr. Lana Bistritz, Assistant Dean, Curriculum (, or Dr. Darryl Rolfson, Associate Dean, MD Program (

Instructors who require access to their TES reports separate from the direct link can log in to MedSIS and access their reports using these instructions. For any questions about accessing the TES reports through MedSIS, contact Lauren Deines, Program Evaluation Analyst (