Military Medical Training Program

The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry may admit up to six Department of National Defence applicants.

At the request of the Department of National Defence (DND), the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry has completed arrangements with DND to create up to six seats in the MD Program above the quota class size. These seats are available only to currently serving Regular Force members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) who are eligible to apply for the MMTP. To determine eligibility, Reg F members are directed to the MILITARY MEDICAL, DENTAL, LEGAL, AND PHARMACY TRAINING PLANS (M PLANS) COMPETITION CANFORGEN.

MMTP applicants will identify themselves as applying as part of the MMTP on the Application for Admission and in doing so consent to the sharing of their name and contact information with DND. Once MMTP status is confirmed with DND, MMTP applicants are considered in the Albertan pool, and as such, must only meet the Albertan minimum requirements. Applicants must meet all minimum Albertan requirements and be competitive within the entire pool of applicants to be considered for selection for admission. 

MMTP applicants accepted into a supernumerary seat will not pay their tuition or their initial deposit; rather, the university will submit an invoice directly to DND for tuition, including the initial deposit, for payment.

In order to be subsidized through the MMTP, applicants must secure unconditional acceptance into the MD Program. The CAF does not subsidize prep years, pre-requisite courses, or academic upgrading under the MMTP.

All MMTP applicants must contact the Staff Officer Attraction at Canadian Forces Health Services Group, Maj Tina Lipcsey, at to discuss their MMTP application.

The CAF will confirm with the University of Alberta MD Program the names of all MMTP applicants who have applied to our program and are eligible for the MMTP.

Military Medical Training Program
Maj Tina Lipcsey