Active Mind Active Body

Department: Medicine
Title: Active Mind Active Body
Location: Royal Alexandra Hospital, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, Mazandowski Heart Institute

12 Hours


Preceptor  Dr Winnie Sia

Medical student Co-Leads Ricky Liu

Kareena Nanda


Active Body (AMAB) program is a medical student-led program under the supervision of our physician lead, Dr. Winnie Sia. AMAB is an initiative aimed at providing support for hospitalized patients and allowing medical students the opportunity to explore various areas of medicine. Through the program medical students work with patients through a combination of social activities as well as mobilization exercises to improve patients' mental and physical wellbeing. We also offer students learning opportunities in the form of hands-on experience working with patients and healthcare staff on hospital units and formal learning around high-yield topics such as delirium and depression in the hospital, the role of physical therapy, and career information about these specialties.


Upon completing this elective, you will:

  • provide support for hospitalized, elderly patients to improve their sense of social isolation, cognitive decline, functional decline and stress related psychilogical disorders
  • help medical students gain exposure in acute care aspects of medicine, including General Internal Medicine (GIM), Geriataric Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, General Practice and Cardiology
Additional Notes:


This elective is open to all first and second year medical students.

Last Updated: September 20, 2023