Elective Years 1 and 2: Laboratory Medicine

Department: Laboratory Medicine
Title: Laboratory Medicine
Location: RAH

 3.5 hours


Jennifer Christensen, Administrative Assistant  Jennifer.Christensen@albertaprecisionlabs.ca

Overview: Do you want to explore a career in medicine that is intellectually stimulating and challenging, offers a great lifestyle and great compensation?  Then come to the Laboratory for a fun, entertaining and educational shadowing experience in laboratory medicine.  You will spend time with anatomical pathologists, hematopathologists and/or biochemists.  You'll help diagnose rare and unusual tumors, learn how to perform a cross match in the blood bank, help perform some biochemical tests and much more!  Experiences are available at the RAH and may also be arranged at other city hospitals.
  1. Allow medical students to gain insight into the responsibilities and the nature of work that hospital based laboratory physicians perform
  2. Gain insight into the workings of a busy hospital laboratory
  3. Discuss career opportunities in a laboratory medicine
  4. Learn about the training programs in laboratory medicine
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Last Updated: September 12, 2023