Scholarships, Awards + Financial Support

The Office of the Registrar administers over $40 million each year in scholarships, awards, and financial support to undergraduate students. Additional funding and support are also available from external sources.

If you're not sure what type of financial support you need or are eligible for, check out the  Financial Support Timeline Guide, or contact the Student Service Centre to speak to an advisor.

If you have a permanent disability and need accessibility support to complete your application, learn more and apply early for applicant accommodations, or contact for assistance.

Scholarships + Awards


Undergraduate, Post-secondary transfer and professional entrance Scholarships

For current UAlberta students in undergraduate programs (including Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Law, and After-Degree programs) and post-secondary transfer and professional entrance applicants.


Entrance Scholarships

High school applicants: please see Entrance scholarships on the Admissions website »

Financial Support


Bursaries + Emergency Funding

Non-repayable funds for students with demonstrated financial need and short-term loans for students facing an immediate financial shortfall.


Student Loans

Everything you need to know about the student loan process.


Financial Literacy

Explore information and resources to help you manage your money.


Financial Support Timeline Guide

Timeline for undergraduate, graduate, and Indigenous students to reference throughout the year.

Additional Resources