HSE Database

The HSE database is a module of the Alberta Research Information Services (ARISE) System  platform that is currently in use by the Research Ethics Office and National Institutes of Health conflict of interest administrator. The database provides:

  • Online registration of laboratories, workshops, studios or any other research environment.
  • Easy updating of hazard, equipment and personnel information.
  • The ability to print hazard signage for doors.
  • Immediate notification of findings from worksite inspections.
  • Ability to request assistance with shipping of biological materials to or from the university.
  • Shared database with Research Ethics Office and conflict of interest application.

Register in the Database

All Principal Investigators (PIs) who work with hazardous materials at the U of A must register in the database. To get started, follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the HSE database manual .

Update Information 

If your research group has registered in the database, you can access the system at any time to update your information. Log in to ARISE to access your HSE content.