Hiring for Special Sessions Courses

Special Sessions is a unit within the Exams and Timetabling Department in the Office of the Registrar. It serves students and the University by administering "special" course offerings in the Spring and Summer terms, and evening classes during the Fall and Winter terms.

Effective May 1, 2016, the funding reimbursement and the hiring processes for Special Sessions courses were separated. Employee pay for courses designated as Special Sessions must be in accordance with the applicable collective agreements. Departments must submit hires for courses funded through Special Sessions in the same way they would for non-Special Sessions courses. See below for general guidelines:

Primary Instructor Fully Responsible for 3* course

  • ATS Agreement or GSA Agreement as GTA-Principal Instructor

Primary Instructor not fully responsible for 3* course

  • Academic Term-excluded or GSA Agreement as GTA

Lab Supervisor + Lab Assistant + Marker

  • Graduate Student-GSA Agreement as GTA
  • Undergraduate Student-Excluded Student

Processing Overload Teaching

Full-time Academic Faculty, FSO or full-time Academic Teaching Staff (ATS) members who teach additional courses on top of their regular responsibilities must be paid for the overload teaching as a salary supplement instead of creating a separate ATS contract. The salary supplement must be used regardless of whether or not the overload teaching occurs in their home department.

When completing the PAF, please use the attributes of the employee's home position, the "Nature of Action" is Additional Pay, the "Earn Code" is 175 (Sal Supp - Additional Teaching) and the details of the teaching assignment should be noted in the "Comments" section.

Basic Hiring Guidelines

Reimbursement Related to Special Sessions