Support Staff Attendance Management

A staff member's inability to perform duties because of injury, illness, special leaves, or tardiness has a negative effect in the workplace: lost productivity, decreased quality of service, delays, increased workload for other staff, and possible replacement costs. The overall cost of absenteeism is high.

The purpose of Attendance Management is to support regular and consistent attendance at work. The program is a supportive process intended for NASA employees that are experiencing excessively high absenteeism rates. It assists staff by providing support and guidance to enable them to attend work as required and/or return to work as soon as possible after illness or injury.

This Attendance Management Program  provides the supervisor/manager and staff member with guidelines for most situations. It assists the supervisor/manager with the identification of strategies for: communicating, coaching, clarifying expectations, reviewing attendance, and addressing issues and problems which may be affecting the staff member's ability to fulfill the expectation to attend work on a regular and consistent basis.

Please contact your HR Partner, for further details and guidance when utilizing the Attendance Management Program.