Oteenow Summer Work Experience Program

The Summer Work Experience Program (SWEP) is designed to assist students in preparing for their future entry into the labour market. Oteenow Employment and Training Society (OETS) provides employers with assistance in offsetting some of their wage costs associated with hiring post-secondary students for summer employment. The program runs from May 1 - August 31.

Employer Information

  • OETS is targeting 10 returning post-secondary students to find employment in their area of study.
  • OETS will provide the initial recruitment-pre-screen process or allow employers to recruit directly (provided that the hires meet OETS funding requirements).
  • Employers will send a description of the job roles and responsibilities to OETS and are responsible for interviewing potential employees.
  • Students cannot displace or replace existing employees, volunteers, employees on layoff or vacation.
  • Employers cannot receive another wage subsidy from any other government program for the position and is responsible for all mandatory federal and/or provincial employment-related costs.
  • There will be contact from OETS for weekly updates on the position.

Terms + Conditions

In order to be eligible for funding, student hires must meet the following terms:

  • Be First Nation/Inuit or self-identified Aboriginal.
  • Residing in the Edmonton Metro area.
  • Returning to school (post-secondary) in September.
  • Be currently a client of OETS or in the process of application.
  • Clients will not be funded or work for any other ASETS holder.

Application Details

For more information on how to access this program, contact the Project Coordinator, Carla Goodrunning.

Phone: 780-444-0911 ext. 123
Email: projectcoordinator@oteenow.com