GOAL: Engage communities across our campuses, city and region, province, nation and the world to create reciprocal, mutually beneficial learning experiences, research projects, partnerships, and collaborations.

In 2018-19, UAlberta International...

...undertook activities that furthered campus engagement with the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

UAlberta hosted the Together 2018 conference, organized by the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation, which explored the role of partnerships in advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Canada and around the world.

...hosted events that involved the campus community in global citizenship, discussion, and learning.

International Week & Visiting Lectureship in Human Rights

With a focus on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), I-Week welcomed the Visiting Lectureship in Human Rights with Lila Abu-Lughod, with 337 attendees, along with keynote speakers Catherine Odora Hoppers, Dr Amy Luers, and Hoda Katebi. New to this year's program were the "Global Goals Talks," which featured engaging speakers giving 17-minute talks related to the 17 SDGs. It is estimated that 2,350 attended events over the course of the week.

World’s Challenge Challenge

 The third annual World’s Challenge Challenge UAlberta finals took place on March 12, where Nicole Sanchez, Anka Chan and Mariam Humayun were announced as the winners. Their project focuses on reducing the waste created by feminine hygiene products by creating a 100% biodegradable pad made from hemp fibres and other environment-friendly materials. They competed at the International finals at Western University on June 2, 2019. 

Science in Exile event

UAlberta welcomed UAlberta’s refugee scholars and students at a reception in March 2019, followed by a screening of the film “Science in Exile” and a discussion panel where researchers at UAlberta, through our collaboration with the Institute of International Education’s Scholar Rescue Fund, shared their personal perspectives and experiences. The event provided an opportunity to celebrate the awarding of the IIE Beacon Award to UAlberta in 2018 and to reaffirm our commitment to working for the global good, in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goal #4 (quality education).

...coordinated high-level international visits that raised the university's profile and provided opportunities for global dialogue. 

Dashan’s visit

Canadian Mark Rowswell, aka Dashan, “the most famous foreigner in China,” received an Honorary UAlberta Degree and performed his famed standup comedy show, “Dashan Live” to a crowd of 700 in the Myer Horowitz, generously donating all net proceeds towards student scholarships in UAlberta’s Department of East Asian Studies. Dashan followed up by hosting a one hour Q&A session on the value of study abroad and second language learning, presented to 100+ UAlberta attendees as well as 150 local high school students studying Mandarin.

High Commissioner of India visit

His Excellency Vikas Swarup, High Commissioner of India and author of the Oscar-winning adapted book, Slumdog Millionaire, delivered a presentation on “The New India.” For an hour the audience learned about the changes and evolution of India's economy and society - India is now the fastest growing major economy in the world, with a dynamic, educated, and youthful population. Following the presentation, there was a lively question-and-answer session touching on many themes from the presentation and a reception with the local community.

Trilateral Forum

UAlberta International organized the Trilateral Forum on the topic of “Dynamics of Energy Governance in North America to Address Global Challenges & Advance Economic Opportunities” at the 2018 Global Petroleum Show (GPS), with the participation of the Minister of Energy for the Government of Alberta, the Mexican Ambassador to Canada, and the Consul General of the United States in Calgary.

Canada-Germany Research Event

In April 2018, UAlberta International coordinated a “Future of German-Canadian Research Cooperation" panel discussion with the participation of Her Excellency, Sabine Sparwasser, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, along with the CEO of Alberta Innovates and a VP from the National Research Council.

...facilitated new and ongoing projects that enriched teaching, research, and learning.

Faculty of Education Oman Project

UAIberta International and the Faculty of Education successfully completed a 2.5 year, $2.5M project funded by Oman's Ministry of Education to train elementary school math and science teachers. UAlberta International has managed the project since 2016. The Faculty of Education's Centre for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education (CMASTE) developed the curricula for five professional development training modules, and has facilitated the training of Ministry trainers, who will deliver the modules to thousands of Omani teachers in the coming years, with the overall objective of achieving better learning outcomes for Omani students.

...facilitated UAlberta's engagement with new international networks and funding programs to support research collaboration. 

Brazil CAPES PrInt program

UAlberta worked on identifying and developing opportunities with Brazilian institutions through the Brazilian government’s research internationalization (CAPES PrInt) funding program. UAlberta International and the Vice-President (Research) Office liaised with Faculties and Brazilian partner institutions on interests and opportunities.

UAlberta joins Worldwide Energy Universities Network

UAlberta joined the Worldwide Energy Universities Network, a group of 28 energy-focused institutions worldwide working together to develop innovative solutions to global issues surrounding energy and petroleum through the open exchange of ideas, research, and human capital. China Petroleum University Beijing (CPUB) is serving as secretariat of the WEUN, which convened for the first time on September 22 in Beijing, China.