Faculty Governance

Vice-Dean of Research

Christopher Power, MD

Christopher Power received a BSc from the University of Toronto and graduated from the MD program at the University of Ottawa.

He went on to complete training in medicine at McMaster University, and in neurology at the University of Western Ontario, as well as postdoctoral fellowships in neurovirology at Johns Hopkins University and the National Institutes of Health. He held positions at the University of Calgary from 1998-2005, and the University of Manitoba from 1994-1998.

In 2005, Power joined the University of Alberta as a Canada Research Chair, Tier 1. He is a professor in the Department of Medicine (Division of Neurology) with cross appointments in the Departments of Psychiatry, Medical Microbiology & Immunology. Power is a physician-scientist; his research focuses on the molecular mechanisms of neuroinflammatory diseases including multiple sclerosis (MS) and neuroHIV, as well as the development of potential treatments. He is also an attending physician in the University of Alberta HIV and MS Clinics, and is the founding Director of the University of Alberta MS Centre.

Power has published over 190 peer-reviewed publications and holds grants from CIHR and the MS Society of Canada.

As vice-dean of research, Power will play an instrumental role in advocating for graduate students and reinforcing the faculty’s track record in improving patient outcomes through advances in scientific discovery.

Role of Vice-Dean, Research

Main Accountabilities

  • Provide strategic leadership and advice to the dean and faculty on research matters.
  • Manage the research portfolio of the faculty.
  • Administer research disputes, scientific integrity issues.
  • Represent the dean in his/her absence as delegated.
  • Chair:
    • Faculty Research Committee
    • Northern Alberta Clinical Trials Research Committee Management Board
    • Faculty Search-and-Selection Committee for Research Chairs
  • Voting member:
    • Dean's Executive Committee
    • Chairs' Executive Committee
    • Chairs' Committee
    • FoMD Buildings Update Committee

Specific Responsibilities

  • Oversee research affairs and administration of the Office of Research.
  • Oversee the review of all research grant applications.
  • Administer the allocation and management of research space.
  • Participate in the university's ethics review process.
  • Oversee Ethics and Scientific Integrity Day.
  • Manage all research grants and awards within the faculty.
  • Collaborate with the Research Services Office on effective administration support for researchers and technology transfers.
  • Oversee the faculty's core research facilities and services including HSLAS.
  • Oversee graduate and post-doctoral education.
  • Oversee MD/PhD program.
  • Oversee clinical investigator program.
  • Oversee Canada Research Chair nominations.
  • Oversee the search-and-selection process for endowed research chairs.
  • Oversee recruitment of faculty members with greater than 40 per cent research commitment.
  • Oversee the approval and review of research groups, centres and institutes.
  • Represent the faculty on the Northern Alberta Clinical Trials Board.
  • Co-ordinate faculty nominations for local, provincial, national and international awards.
  • Oversee and co-ordinate the FoMD Canada Foundation for Innovation allocations.
  • Oversee Summer Studentship Research Program.
  • Oversee Tri-council Health Support Unit and bridge funding.