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Depending on your affiliation with the university, tap into one of the following mentorship programs. 


The Alumni to Alumni Career Mentoring Program connects alumni in the early stages of their career development (mentees) with alumni who are established in their careers (mentors) to develop the business and interpersonal skills that will help mentees navigate the workplace and advance their careers. This mentorship program is offered by the University of Alberta Alumni Association.

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Current students or postdoctoral fellows

The Career Mentoring Program matches students and postdoctoral fellows with mentors, who are community based professionals with relevant experience and interests. Through mentoring relationships, students and postdoctoral fellows develop and enhance the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and connections they need to transition into the world of work. This mentorship program is offered by the University of Alberta Career Centre.

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For both alumni and learners

Career Exploration Interview Program

Career Exploration Interviews (CEI) connect students, postdoctoral fellows, and alumni (participants) with community-based professionals working in a variety of areas (hosts) to learn from their career stories. The University of Alberta Career Centre matches participants and hosts for a 1.5 - 4 hour virtual discussion focused on participant career questions and interests.

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