Awards and Accolades - January 2019

Celebrating the achievements of our faculty, staff and students.

Kirsten Bauer - 17 January 2019

Faculty Recognition

New Trail's "The elusive cure" featuring Jack Jhamandas, Department of Medicine, Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute, won silver in the platinum category for Best Articles of the Year from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).

Lee Green, Department of Family Medicine, was named Honorary Professor of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital, Yiwu, Zhejiang, Republic of China on December 7, 2018.

David Eisenstat, Department of Oncology, was appointed Alberta Node Leader for the Terry Fox Research Institute.

The Department of Pediatrics Annual Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award for 2018 was awarded to the interdisciplinary pediatric nephrology team, comprised of Manjula Gowrishankar, Jennifer Meikle, Phyllis Theberge, Yi Yin Zhang, Mary Ann McMaster, Catherine Morgan, Todd Alexander, Abdullah Alabbas and Sara Rodriguez.

Timothy Chan, Department of Medicine, was awarded the department's Stewart Award for Wellbeing and Morale, staff level.

Amanda (Mandi) Newton, Department of Pediatrics, was awarded the Alberta Innovates Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Health System (PRIHS), for her project Implementing Innovative Models of Acute Pediatric Mental Health and Addiction Care.

Puneeta Tandon, Department of Medicine, was awarded the Alberta Innovates Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Health System (PRIHS), to develop the Alberta Cirrhosis Care Team (ACCT).

Ashley Gillson, Department of Medicine, was awarded the 2018 Internal Medicine Osler Award for the best ambulatory care experience.

Students, Residents and Trainees

Alberta Innovates Training and Early Career Development (TECD) Programs:

Congratulations to the future health leaders who have been awarded the TECD award in Graduate Studentship, MD-PhD Studentship, Postgraduate Fellowship and Clinician Fellowship categories.

Graduate Studentship

  • Kim Ho, Department of Pediatrics (Supervisor Gary Lopaschuk) - Ketone Metabolism in the Failing Heart

  • Kenji Rowel Lim, Department of Medical Genetics (Supervisor Toshifumi Yokota) - Developing an effective exon 45-55 skipping treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy

  • Bruno Saleme, Department of Medicine (Supervisor Gopi Sutendra) - Metabolic modulation as a novel therapy for chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity

  • David Tandio, Department of Pharmacology (Supervisor James Hammond) - Investigating the role of Equilibrative Nucleoside Transporter-4 (ENT4) in cardiovascular diseases

MD-PhD Studentship

  • Abdullah Ishaque, Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute (Supervisor Sanjay Kalra) - Validation of MRI-based Measures in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Clinician Fellowship

  • Jerry Dang, Department of Surgery (Supervisor Daniel Birch) - The Microbiology of Bariatric Surgery

  • Jenna-Lynn Senger, Department of Surgery (Supervisor K. Ming Chan) - Elucidating the conditioning lesion-like effects of brief electrical stimulation on accelerating peripheral nerve regeneration

Postgraduate Fellowship

  • Zaid Almaayah, Department of Pediatrics (Supervisor Jason Dyck) - The role of ketones in heart failure

  • Hamid Moghadas, Department of Medicine (Supervisor Vivian Mushahwar) - A wearable sensor for early detection of deep tissue pressure injuries

The Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute (NMHI) congratulates their award-winning graduate students on the following awards:

  • Rebecca Long, Behdad Parhizi, Noam Steinberg - Dean's Doctoral Student Awards

  • Brian Marriott - Graduate Student Recruitment Scholarship

  • Tejal Aslesh, Nicholas Batty, Carolyn Fleck-Prediger, Krista Metz, Jasmeen Saini, Andrew Schmaus - FoMD 75th Anniversary Award

  • Abdullah Ishaque - ALS Canada/ Brain Canada Trainee Award

The Cancer Research Institute of Northern Alberta (CRINA) has awarded three graduate students with La Vie En Rose Scholarships in Breast Cancer Research. Congratulations to:

  • Daniel Krys (Supervisor Frank Wuest)

  • Francisca Cristi Munoz (Supervisors Maya Shmulevitz and Mary Hitt)

  • Zelei Yang (Supervisors David Brindley and Denise Hemmings)

Congratulations to the following winners of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry's graduate student research awards.

75th Anniversary Graduate Student Award

Abdalla Abdrabou - Basic Science

Parnian Alavi - Basic Science

Sara Amidian - Basic Science

Tejal Aslesh - Basic Science

Bishoi Aziz - Clinical

Pranidhi Baddam - Basic Science

Nicholas Batty - Basic Science

Bhumi Bhatt - Basic Science

Raelynn Brassard - Basic Science

Fangze Cai - Basic Science

Geoffrey Casey - Basic Science

Jacqueline Crossman - Basic Science

Cole Delyea - Basic Science

Stephanie Dijk - Basic Science

Mohammad-Hossien Doosti - Basic Science

Fahed Elian - Basic Science

Maryam Elyasi - Basic Science

Yuliya Fakhr - Basic Science

Carolyn Fleck-Prediger - Clinical

Mahmoud Gheblawi - Basic Science

Brianna Greenwood - Basic Science

Morganne Held - Basic Science

Claudia Holody - Basic Science

David Hu - Basic Science

Aishwarya Iyer - Basic Science

Zixuan (Christine) Li - Basic Science

Xiong Liu - Basic Science

Shu Luo - Basic Science

Yuhao Ma - Basic Science

Krista Metz - Basic Science

Sara Moradipoor - Basic Science

Tautvydas Paskevicius - Basic Science

Wojciech Pietrasik - Clinical

Conrad Pridie - Basic Science

Saima Rajabali - Clinical

Sabitha Rajaruban - Basic Science

Eduardo Reyes-Serratos - Basic Science

Jasmeen Saini - Basic Science

Hassan Sarker - Basic Science

Andrew Schmaus - Basic Science

ShimaShahbaz - Basic Science

Cameron Smithers - Basic Science

Reed Sutton - Clinical

Brendan Todd - Basic Science

David Vu - Clinical

Adrianne Watson - Basic Science

Lingyu Xu - Basic Science

Kang Yu - Basic Science

Tayyaba Zehra - Basic Science

Dean's Doctoral Student awards

Aristeidis Boukouris - Basic Science

Ruiqi Cai - Basic Science

Brandon Chan - Basic Science

Christopher Cromwell - Basic Science

Jhon Ralph Enterina - Basic Science

Rebecca Long - Basic Science

Tyler Marshall - Clinical

Julia May - Basic Science

Behdad Parhizi - Clinical

Bruno Saleme - Basic Science

Noam Steinberg - Basic Science

Quinn Storozynsky - Basic Science

Alexander Szojka - Basic Science

Shahid Ullah - Basic Science

Jingyang Xu - Basic Science

Zelei Yang - Basic Science

Graduate Student Recruitment Scholarship

Luam Araya - Basic Science

Sabin Boszo - Basic Science

Bruna Dutra - Basic Science

Zoe Dworsky-Fried - Basic Science

Paige Grant - Basic Science

Karen Ho - Basic Science

Guoju Hong - Basic Science

Jaeho Hwang - Basic Science

Jaeho Hwang - Basic Science

Evan Kerek - Basic Science

Ayodeji Kulepa - Basic Science

Larissa Lautner - Basic Science

Marina Lemieszek - Basic Science

Brian Marriott - Basic Science

Melika Motamedi - Basic Science

Nathan Nadolski - Basic Science

Ronan Noble - Basic Science

Matthew Saurette - Basic Science

Yishi Shen - Basic Science

Arunima Sivanand - Clinical

Nicholas Wawryk - Basic Science

Madeleine Wiebe - Basic Science

Nishaka William - Basic Science

Allan Yarahmady - Basic Science

Medical Science Graduate Program Scholarships

Kelsea Drall

Peter Anto Johnson

Gurnit Kaur

Zeenat Ladak

Babak Nami Mollalu

Mikaela Nevin

Thanh-Tu Pham

Tho Tran