5As Team

Improving obesity prevention and management

in primary care



The 5As Team (5AsT) Program aims to improve obesity prevention and management in primary care. The interdisciplinary research team, led by Drs. Denise Campbell-Scherer and Arya Sharma, partners with healthcare professionals, educators, and patient advocates to conduct collaborative research that has real-world impact.

The central clinical approach of this program is the 5As of Obesity Management™ (the 5As: Ask, Assess, Advise, Agree, Assist), which consists of a suite of resources and evidence-informed tools developed in collaboration with stakeholders and the Obesity Canada. The framework, tools and resources, have been further extended for use in primary care by the 5As Team Intervention Project. These tools incorporate the Canadian Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines, the conceptual structure of the Best Practices in Weight Management, and the 5As methodological framework to improve practitioners’ willingness and efficacy in providing obesity management and counseling.

We have developed an approach to obesity assessments and care planning that builds on a shared understanding of patients’ lives and supports people in improving health. Together with providers and patients we have created a toolkit that will help guide the collaborative conversations with people living with obesity.

Download the 5AsT Toolkit