COVID-19 and Kids Webinar Series

The Office of Lifelong Learning is committed to providing the latest information during the COVID-19 pandemic and has developed a series of webinars for physicians and other healthcare providers.

The first three webinars in this series can now be downloaded as recordings. Click here.

This series, recorded in July 2020, focused on COVID-19 in Children. To download recordings, please scroll down to find the link to the session that you are interested in.

Learning objectives:

When you ZOOM out, you will be able to:

  • Acknowledge how little we know about the spectrum of disease for COVID-19.
  • Explain to a friend how we think that the virus is spread and the rationale behind personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Know when to suspect COVID-19 when seeing a child.
  • Provide parents with an accurate assessment of the prognosis and treatment options if their child has COVID-19 infection.
  • Be able to engage in cocktail party chatter (in case there ever is another cocktail party) about how this pandemic will evolve.
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Learning objectives

  1. Provide a background on the pathophysiology that connects Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome and COVID-19
  2. Provide an update on the latest data and publications pertaining to MIS-C
  3. Discuss how this evolving information may influence our care of pediatric patients
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