Rural Applicants


The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry has positions reserved for Rural applicants.

These positions are to promote applicants who come from and have an understanding of rural, remote, or northern communities who may have the goal of returning to practice in these communities. These applicants must meet all minimum requirements during the application process. We offer these positions over and above those who receive offers of admission through the regular process.

We reserve up to 10 positions each year for qualified Albertan rural applicants. Applicants are determined to be rural based on geographic information submitted in the Application for Admission. For Fall 2024 intake, there will be an additional 20 positions for a total of 30 protected rural positions.


To be considered for one of our rural positions, you must be considered a resident of Alberta and have lived for 3+ nonconsecutive years between the ages of 12 and 18 in a community within Canada which meets rural criteria. If you feel that you should be considered for one of these positions please indicate so on your application and your geographic details will be reviewed.