Academic Integrity

The MD Program values and upholds the highest principles of academic integrity.

As a student, you are responsible for educating yourself about and understanding the University of Alberta’s expectations regarding academic integrity.


The following list of resources is intended to assist you in educating yourself about academic integrity.

Code of Student Behavior (COSB)

The COSB includes descriptions of unacceptable behaviour, the sanctions for commission of the offenses and explanations of the complete discipline and appeal processes.

Academic Appeals

The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD)’s academic appeals policy and procedures establish informal and formal academic appeal procedures and clarify the faculty's added responsibility for final grade appeals.

Code of Applicant Behavior

The procedures in this code govern conduct by individuals seeking admission to the U of A. This code ensures the integrity and fairness of assessment for admission.

Practicum Intervention

The FoMD is responsible for protecting public interest, safety and health by ensuring that students in practicums conform to accepted standards of professional, competent and safe practice in their work with patients, clients and co-workers. The Practicum Intervention Policy gives the FoMD the mechanisms necessary to protect the public, other health professionals and colleagues from actions and behaviours that are perceived to be causing harm.

Professional Standards for Students

Students in the FoMD created this code of values, expectations and conduct to reflect the ideals integral to professionalism. The FoMD endorses these standards, which are consistent with the CoSB.

Professionalism Values for FOMD Members

The FoMD professionalism values guide those working and learning in the faculty environment during challenging situations.