Academic Support

The MD Program is committed to providing you with the resources and support you need to be successful in your academic career.

During your studies, you may experience challenges such as disappointing grades, challenging personal circumstances, issues with time management, confusion over course expectations or difficulties preparing for an exam. You are not alone. And we are here to help you succeed.

MD Program Academic Affairs Team

The MD Program Academic Affairs Team (composed of the assistant dean, academic affairs, director of learner support and assistant director, learner support and academic administrators) regularly monitors student academic performance to proactively identify academic challenges.

To understand the challenges that students are facing, this team seeks direct input from course coordinators, clerkship coordinators and MeDMAP mentors. This team also acts as a resource for students who have concerns about their academic performance.

If you are experiencing academic difficulties, book a meeting with the MD Program’s Academic Affairs Team. In this one-on-one meeting, you will meet with experienced academics who are invested in your learning and your success. Together, you will explore strategies and resources that can help you overcome your barriers to academic success.

Book an Appointment

MD Program Academic Affairs Team

Phone: 780-492-6350

Academic Success Centre

The Academic Success Centre provides professional academic support to help you maximize your academic success and achieve your academic goals. The centre offers appointments, advising, group workshops, online courses and specialized programming year-round to students in all university programs, at all levels of achievement and study.

Assessment Support

In medical school, we want every student to succeed, while upholding our responsibility to produce top quality doctors. This journey can be challenging, especially writing major assessments. Many students may fail one throughout the year.

If you fail an assessment, the MD Program offers rewrites while you continue through the program alongside your peers.  Below is an explanation of the process and response to failed assessments.

  1. If failure occurs, we provide support and offer rewrites to help that student achieve competency.
  2. The student will continue to advance with their peers to the next course while working on the rewrite.
  3. If an abnormal number of students fail an assessment, the validity will be reviewed by the Assistant Dean, Assessment.
  4. If a student fails two or more major assessments in a year (dependent on year of training), they will be recommended to repeat the year.
  5. If a student doesn't agree with the recommendations of the Academic Success Centre (ASC), they have an opportunity to appeal.