AHS Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) ensures residents, fellows, and their patients are protected to the fullest possible extent during training. The University of Alberta offers the following OHSW services:

Serological testing,
TB screening,
Fit tests for protective masks,
Needle stick/blood and body fluid exposure program
All residents must meet the Work Health & Safety requirements. If residents do not meet these required standards, they will not be permitted to continue in their residency.

Immunization updates and respiratory mask fit testing will not be offered at resident orientation. To arrange an appointment prior to orientation for your N95 Fit Test, you can schedule an appointment at your nearest location, or attend a drop-in session.

Report all blood and/or body fluid and needle stick exposures to:

Alberta Health Services: 1-888-482-8550
MIS/Caritas: 780-735-2806
GNH/Caritas: 780-735-7310