Vision, Mission, and Outcomes


To advance the profession of radiation therapy through internationally recognized patient-centered education, scholarship and community engagement.


Program Outcomes

  • Engage in a critical, comprehensive, evidence-based practice.
  • Maintain the highest quality of technical expertise.
  • Provide compassionate clinical care.
  • Demonstrate leadership in inter-professional collaborations and partnerships.
  • Engage in lifelong learning.
  • Advance the profession through innovation and scholarship.
  • Adapt to a dynamic professional environment.
  • Demonstrate social responsibility through community engagement.

Clinical Expertise

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Radiation Therapy degree program at the University of Alberta are holistic practitioners who demonstrate clinical reasoning rooted in self-reflective, evidence based practice.


BScRT graduates are highly skilled professionals who communicate effectively, and use ethical attitudes and behaviours toward patients, peers, and others.

Inter-professional and Collaborative Practice

BScRT graduates are patient- and family-centered practitioners who collaborate in an inter-professional environment to provide the highest quality patient care.

Compassionate Clinical Care

BScRT graduates are patient- and family-centered practitioners who display compassion, and mindfully adapt to meet the unique needs of a diverse, cultural population.

Social Responsibility and Citizenship

BScRT graduates are altruistic practitioners engaged in the community, as scholars, leaders and health care advocates.