Caregiver Centered Care

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Supporting Family Caregivers in Healthcare

Caregiver Centered Care is person-centered care for family caregivers. It is about a collaborative working relationship between families and health and community care professionals. This means supporting family caregivers in their caregiving role, decisions about services, care management, and advocacy.

The Challenge

Family Caregivers play a critical role in our healthcare system. We all need to identify, engage, and support family caregivers, but it is not always easy to understand how. A person-centered approach means respecting and meaningfully involving the care receiver’s family caregiver in the planning and delivery of supportive services while also recognizing and addressing the family caregiver's own needs, preferences, and wellbeing. Ultimately, the aim is to integrate family caregivers as partners in care.

In 2019 Dr. Jasneet Parmar & Dr. Sharon Anderson came to us with a project, about creating a learning platform for healthcare providers on the necessity of caregiver-centered care.

Both family caregivers and healthcare providers want to provide the best care possible, but this is not always easy. There can be challenges for family caregivers and healthcare providers in working together to provide better and more efficient care for patients.

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Image from one of the Foundational Training Course videos.
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Redesign of the Competency Framework.

"Family caregivers are the shadow workforce of our society, and the backbone of our healthcare system. We want family caregivers to feel supported by healthcare providers."

What We Did

Training Videos

As part of a multidisciplinary team we worked to create realistic training videos, a learning platform, branding, and a website. We collaborated with Reed McColm a professional writer, Sean Smith of Stringray Pictures, and a team of actors to produce the films.

The films were designed to not only educate but to grab the hearts and minds of the healthcare providers taking the course. The course was designed to represent the passion and urgency of Dr. Parmar and Dr. Anderson and the caregiver community.

Sample Video: Module 1 - Understanding the Impact of the Pandemic on Family Caregivers

Website Design and Branding

Website mockup

What We Learned

Having constant and continued involvement of content experts in the entire process created an incredible and meaningful end result. The insights and expertise from stakeholder, content experts, professional writers, professional filmmakers, were incredibly valuable. 

We also learned about the necessity of course and learning materials to improve the situation for family caregivers, especially during the added stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Landing page for the COVID-19 Education Course.

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