ELR Experiential Learning Record

The Experiential Learning Record (ELR) is a personalized and official university document that allows students to record activities and the corresponding learning that takes place within and beyond the classroom.

The ELR includes a faculty endorsed “Certificate” the student can use for a variety of professional development activities; whether that be employment-focused, scholarship applications, or the pursuit of further educational opportunities. 

 Benefits of the ELR

  • Provides students with a validated and formal record of learning experiences and
    activities within and beyond the classroom.
  • Enables students with a tool to share and communicate their co-curricular involvement allowing them to illustrate a more holistic view of their learning and
    associated competencies.
  • Assists students to make the connection between engagement in CCR activities and the skills they are developing.
  • Complements the academic transcript by providing students with a record that helps identify, evaluate, and reflect on the learning that occurred as a result of engagement in co-curricular activities.
  • Gives language for students to frame and market their experience which can be used in multiple situations such as resume/cover letters, interviews, scholarship applications, graduate studies applications etc.
  • Provides a database of activities that allows students to easily search for opportunities and filter available opportunities based on criteria such as time commitment required or days of the week the activity takes place.

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