Supervisor Tool Kit for Managing Time

Do you have employees directly reporting to you? Are you responsible for approving submitted time sheets? Have you been delegated the responsibility to approve another supervisor’s direct reports' time? 

If you answered YES then you are in the right place! This tool kit has been designed with you in mind and provides the tools and rules you will need to help manage your employees' time. 

Getting Started

When referring to time and labour processes, the Supervisor is responsible for managing their employees' time.

This includes:

  • Approving entered time.
  • Overseeing employee leave time.
  • Modifying entered time, as required.

Approving + Managing Time

The following links provide detailed steps on how to approve and manage employee time within PeopleSoft HCM.

The following provides additional information and resources related to managing your employee’s time.

Time Approvers Checklist

This checklist provides a list of tasks related to the supervisor role when dealing with Employee Self Service (ESS) for Time and Labour within your faculty and department. If you have questions or need further information, please contact the Staff Service Centre (SSC).

View Supervisor Check List

Payroll Calendar

Add the following calendars to your U of A google calendar to remind you of important dates.

  • Payroll Dates - University of Alberta.
  • Pay, Time Off and Holidays - University of Alberta.

View the Adding Payroll Dates to Google Calendar document  for further instructions.

PeopleSoft HCM Security Access

As a Supervisor you will need access to the following:

Functions within PeopleSoft HCM

  • Manager Dashboard (if you have people directly reporting to you).
  • HR Operational Reports.
  • Time and Labour Workcentre.
  • Manage Delegation.
  • GL Funding Page.

Applications other than PeopleSoft HCM

  • Alfresco Forms and Documentation.

You will need to submit a request for the following roles before you can access the appropriate functions within the applications.

PeopleSoft HCM Request Form

Request the following roles

* Click the name of the application to submit the Request Form.

HR Terminology for Supervisors

This document provides a description for specific HR terminology that may help with understanding what is being referenced.

View HR Terminology for Supervisors


This section provides a list of the different applications or tools available to you as a supervisor, along with directions on how to use them.

Forms + Documentation

This link takes you to our document management system which contains all forms, templates and reference material related to Time and Labour.

Forms + Documentation

How to use Manager Dashboard for Time Entry

Within PeopleSoft HCM, you have access to a Manager Dashboard that provides information and links related to approving and managing time.

The document link provided describes the content available within your dashboard and the features it provides for managers and supervisors to assist in their daily responsibilities.

View Document

Payable Time Statuses

This Quick Reference Guide provides a summary of the different payable time statuses you may encounter within Employee Self Service for Time and Labour. View Document

Time Reporting Codes

Provides a list of time reporting codes and when you would use them.

View Document


This section provides direct links to important rules related to managing time which supervisors should be aware of.

Employee Type Overview

Employees are grouped based on employee type and have rules specific to handling time reporting. The following list provides some basic tips for each of the specified employee type.

Account Code Changes

This document provides instructions on how to override account codes aka combination codes allocated to an employees hours when necessary.

View Document

In accordance with the Alberta Employment Standards Code, employees working less than 3 consecutive hours are entitled to at least 3 hours pay at the Alberta minimum wage rate.

All employees at the university observe general holidays. A list of these holidays and the rules related to how the U of A pays these holidays are available on the Holiday Pay webpage .

The quick reference guides provided below provide additional information related to holiday pay for the specific employee class.

It is the responsibility of the department to ensure that Alberta Employment Standards and/or the terms of the  Collective Agreement are followed to determine overtime.

The following list provides further details related to the specified employee type.

Workcentre Queries Reporting

Provides an overview of the queries available in your WorkCenter and how they can be used to manage Time and Labour within your Faculty/Department.

View Document