Frequently Asked Questions

Like many international students, you may have similar questions on your rights as a renter, how does the academic culture of UAlberta differ from your home country, and what's winter really like?

Here are some of the friendly faces you will meet at the ISC. In these videos, the ISS team offers you special tips on succeeding and living a balanced university life!

The videos on this page are your first step to finding more information. Once you watch these videos, follow the links.

If, after viewing the videos and reading our web pages, you still need more information or have questions, make an appointment to speak with an advisor.

What permit/visa do I need to enter Canada?
How can I prepare for my trip to study in Canada?
What are my renter's rights and

Find Housing

Renter's Rights & Responsibilities

How can I take care of my health and
wellness while in Canada?
Where can I get academic help?
How can I improve my English?

Academic Support

English Conversation Club

Can I work in Canada?


I-Work! workshop series


What does it mean to "volunteer" in Canada?

Get Involved

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