Campus Safety Alerts

UAlberta Protective Services: 780-492-5050
AHS Protective Services (U of A Hospital): 780-407-7777 or 10# on an AHS phone

The source of truth for emergency information during a serious event is the main homepage.

  • If medical, police, fire or hazmat assistance is required to deal with an EMERGENCY, contact 911 immediately by phone.
  • If you have experienced a theft or suspect criminal behaviour or have a concern about your personal security contact University of Alberta Protective Services (UAPS) at 780 492-5050.
  • If you have a building emergency related to a flood, power or service outage, etc. contact the Communications Control Centre at 780 492-5555.
  • If you have a health and safety question or concern contact the Environment, Health and Safety Department.
  • Report all incidents, injuries, unsafe conditions, insecure conditions, environmental releases or threats to personal security as soon as possible to your immediate supervisor and then to the Environment, Health and Safety Department.
  • Report all sensitive data or private information breaches immediately to your immediate supervisor and to

Learn more about how to receive EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS at the U of A.

Responding to an active shooter

A screen capture from the Responding to an Active Shooter video

Do you know how to respond in an active shooter situation? Learn more with a video from Protective Services.