Security in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

Our learning and research endeavours in the faculty are vital to the provision of advanced health-care expertise in Canada and new breakthroughs in the health sciences. It is important that our people and our work are protected from the risk of injury, theft, property damage, disruptions and other losses. We also have a responsibility to protect the outside community from our activities on campus.

A number of years ago, faculty members and other university stakeholders came together in a task force to review, recommend and implement a variety of physical security solutions and practices designed to protect our community from security threats.

We all have responsibilities to ensure the safety and security of our community. Here are a few proactive things you can do to protect yourself and your colleagues:

  • Card Access
    • Carry your University ONEcard and/or Alberta Health Services (AHS) Identification/Access Card with you at all times. Should your card be lost or stolen report it immediately to your supervisor, the ONEcard Office and/or UA/AHS Protective Services.
    • Your ONEcard or AHS Card is your personal identification and key to your workplace. Do NOT share your card with other people.
    • Avoid tailgaters at card access doors. These are people who follow you through a card access door after you swipe your card. These people may not be authorized to be in your work area. Make sure that card access and automatic doors close fully after you use them.
    • If you have a ONEcard and an AHS Access card, they may not work properly if you have them stacked on top of one another. Make sure you separate your cards before you use your card on the reader.
    • Don't cut or punch a hole in your access card-you might damage the card and cause it to malfunction.
    • Report any door or lock maintenance problems to your supervisor immediately. Call the University's Maintenance Help Desk at 780-492-4833 to report and request repairs.
  • Suspicious Persons
    • Look out for suspicious persons. Trust your instincts; if someone looks out of place, they probably shouldn't be there. A friendly "May I help you?" is a good question to ask. You can report these situations to UA Protective Services at 780-492-5050 or AHS Protective Services at 780-407-7777 (or 10# on an AHS phone)
  • Theft and Crime Prevention
    • Lock up your wallet, purse, mobile devices, etc. when they are not under your care or control.
    • In public spaces or common areas, don't leave your property unattended, even for a short period of time-it doesn't take long for a thief to grab your possessions and walk away. Take your possessions with you or leave them in the care of a trusted colleague or friend.
    • Lock your lab or office door when the space is unoccupied, even for short periods of time.
    • Don't bring large sums of cash with you to work or keep large amounts of cash in your office or lab.
    • Don't prop open doors to offices, labs or secure areas. If you find a door that is propped open, remove the obstruction.
    • Report all thefts including lost or stolen building, office or laboratory keys to your supervisor immediately.
  • Mobile Computing Devices & Smartphones
    • If you have sensitive or private information on your mobile computing devices or smartphones, make sure that they're password protected and encrypted. More information can be found at the MedIT Encryption Policy website.

Below you will find links to the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry's Physical Security Policy and related procedures. A number of other security resources are also provided.

University of Alberta policies, procedures and forms

UAlberta Protective Services links

ONEcard Office 

AHS Protective Services (Security)/Badging Office - Walter Mackenzie Centre

  • AHS Identification/Access cards for the Walter Mackenzie Centre (WMC) can be obtained from the Level 0 AHS Protective Services (Security)/Badging Office (Room 0H1.15).
  • The WMC Badging Office is staffed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 to 11:30 am and 12:30 to 3:30 pm.
  • Contact Mark Noble, Security, Health and Safety Advisor for an authorization form.

Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry policies & procedures