People - DRAFT

  • Includes faculty, faculty renewal, faculty retention
  • Engagement of clinical faculty members
  • Professional development at all career stages, for faculty and staff
  • Faculty, staff and learner wellness
  • Incorporates human resource management
  • A diverse, equitable and respectful environment
  1. Recruitment, renewal, retention and engagement of faculty (academic and clinical)
  2. Optimized HR and EDI principles in all areas
  3. Wellness for all
  4. Professional development at all stages

5-year vision

March 31, 2025

  1. The proportion of Assistant professors is at least maintained.
  2. Our faculty and staff represents the diversity of the community that we serve.
  3. Our faculty and staff feel valued and engaged.
  4. Increased number of faculty members who feel that is valuable to be a clinical faculty member.
  5. Double the proportion of female Department Chairs.
  6. Wellness survey indicates lower rates of burnout and higher job-related satisfaction among faculty and staff.
  7. Supports for career progression are more effective.

3-year picture

March 31, 2023

  1. Increased rural representation of clinical faculty on FoMD committees.
  2. Increased number of female faculty member enrolled in leadership training.
  3. FoMD sent at least 1 faculty member/per year for ELAM training.
  4. Policies about after-hours communications are established.
  5. Lower rates of discrimination and harassment.
  6. More faculty members have enrolled into the TRIP program.
  7. Increased proportion of people applying to full professorship.
  8. Increased proportion of female full professors.

1-year plan

March 31, 2021

  1. Develop a plan for funding mechanisms for new recruitments.
  2. Streamline process and expedite recruitment.
  3. Plan of mechanisms for retention.
  4. Examine change in diversity from baseline metrics regarding recruitment and retention.
  5. Department chairs implement EDI principles as part of recruitment practices.
  6. Increase diversity in leadership roles in the Departments.
  7. Chairs complete an inventory of how all Department/ Division members feel valued.
  8. Develop a plan of activities for Departments to increase faculty visibility in equitable ways.
  9. A streamlined process for clinical faculty appointments.
  10. Increased clinical faculty awareness of advantages, privileges and benefits from being a clinical faculty member.
  11. Enhanced communication with clinical faculty.
  12. Potential female leaders are offered leadership training opportunities.
  13. Formalized and socialized a community of practice of women in leadership.
  14. Wellness initiatives are mapped and communicated.
  16. Baseline survey on discrimination and harassment.
  18. Enhanced formal mentorship programs for junior and mid-career faculty.
  20. Faculty development for Associate Professors for promotion to full.
  22. Provided support to new recruits to ensure successful establishment.
  24. Optimize administrative support staff to increase efficiency and success.
  26. Plan for mechanisms of transition into retirement.
  28. Re-evaluate the TRIP program.
  30. Leadership succession planning is outlined.