Partnerships - DRAFT

  • Within the faculty, across faculties, and beyond the Institution
  • With other academic institutions provincially, nationally and internationally
  • With Foundations, Trusts and donors
  • With healthcare delivery partners

5-year vision

March 31, 2025

  1. Complete agreements with foundation partners aligned with priorities of FOMD.
  2. Increase national and international leadership in research, education and clinical care networks and societies by 50%.
  3. Communities of practice and communities of learning are flourishing with our CPD offerings for alumni and community groups
  4. Trusted relationship between academics and healthcare delivery providers to provide research, education, evidence-based care and promote a learning health network. Increase joint initiatives with (AHS, SCNs, AH) by 50%.
  5. FEC evaluation metrics for the community partnership and engagement accepted and employed.

3-year picture

March 31, 2023

  1. Agreement with foundation and partners on mutually aligned priorities.
  2. Increase network and society participation within the FoMD by 25%.
  3. Increase CPD offerings between FoMD and remote and rural providers to improve patient care by 25%.
  4. Promote specific programs (Soapbox Science and Athena Swan program) to help bring science to build strong community relationships.
  5. Identify "ambassadors" within the FoMD to participate with healthcare delivery partners to increase integration by 25%.
  6. Trial metrics for partnership and community engagement.

1-year plan

March 31, 2021

  1. Continued engagement and identification of new foundation and partners priorities which are aligned with FoMD.
  2. Identify network and society participation within the FoMD.
  3. Meet with and establish the needs of remote and rural providers and other CACs (Clinical Academic Colleagues).
  4. Determine the proportion of collaborative interactions between university researchers and healthcare delivery providers (AHS, SCNs, AH) as a baseline.
  5. Develop criteria and metrics for evaluating partnership and community engagement.