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Office of Research

Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
2-13 Heritage Medical Research Centre
Edmonton AB T6G 2R7

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Closed for lunch noon - 1 p.m. daily

Staff and Faculty

Dr. David Evans
Vice-Dean, Research
Tel: 780-492-9725
Executive Assistant - Ms. Swati Sharma

Dr. Tom Hobman
Associate Dean, Research Facilities
Tel: 780-492-6485

Dr. Hanne L. Ostergaard
Associate Dean Research, Graduate Programs
Tel: 780-492-6768

Dr. Lawrence Richer
Associate Dean, Clinical/Translational Research
Tel: 780-492-9723

Dr. Neesh Pannu
Assistant Dean, Clinical Research Platforms
Tel: 780-492-8519

Mr. Mark Taylor
Director of Research
Tel: 780-492-9720

Dr. Wendy Magee
Director, Research Core Facilities and Special Initiatives
Tel: 780-492-0715

Dr. Joanne Simala-Grant
Director, CIHR Health Research Funding Initiatives
Tel: 780-492-1566

Dr. Jillian Byrne
Director, Clinical Research
Tel: 780-492-5345

Dr. Patricia Gongal
Director, Major Grants
Tel: 780-492-8539

Andrea Smart
Research Finance Manager
Tel: 780-492-0555

Janis Davis 
Graduate Programs Advisor

Jen Freund
Interim Graduate Programs Advisor
Tel: 780-492-9721

Nicole Kosturic
Program Coordinator
Tel: 780-492-8365

Executive Administrative Assistant
Tel: 780-492-9723

Colleen Sunderland
Research Analyst
Tel: 780 248-1023