University of Alberta Hospital Postgraduate Medical Publication Prize

In order to recognize the efforts made to achieve academic excellence among the residents at the University of Alberta, the University of Alberta Hospitals/Stollery Medical Staff Society, and the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, sponsor four publication prizes of $1,000.00 each. Two prizes will be awarded to residents from clinical service or research and two from basic science research. The winning papers will be announced at the Annual General Meeting of the University of Alberta Hospitals/Stollery Medical Staff Society.

The top-ranked paper from this competition will also be nominated for a CSCI/CIHR Resident Research Award by the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry Office of Research.



  • Candidates must be registered in the Division of Post Graduate Medical Education.
  • Only one paper per applicant will be accepted.
  • The Applicant must be the first named author of the paper. Alternately, a joint application will be accepted where two or more registrants were involved in a project. In the case of equal co- authors who are both eligible, the prizes will be divided equally between the applicants.
  • Eligible papers include: review papers, clinical research published papers, and unpublished papers. It is not required that the papers be published or have been accepted for publication before being eligible for consideration, however, evidence of acceptance for publication is required prior to the prize being awarded. Published papers will only be eligible if publication date is within the last twelve months. Papers that have been presented at Provincial, Regional, National, or International Meetings within the last year will also be eligible. Manuscripts of material prepared for and delivered to Divisional or Department rounds or Research Days will also be accepted. A covering letter from a member of the attending staff is required.
  • Case reports and patents are ineligible and will not be accepted.


How to Apply:

UPDATE: This competition has been suspended until further notice.

The complete application must contain:

  • A covering letter from a member of the attending staff or member of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry requesting that the specified papers be considered. It must also indicate if the paper is to be included as clinical research or basic science research in order for it to be assessed by the correct reviewer committee.
  • A title page containing nominees work or home mailing address, email address, and phone or pager number.
  • The paper being submitted.

2021 Guidelines