75th Anniversary Graduate Student Award

Awards valued at $7,000 will be offered for a period of one year, from January 1 to December 31.

Successful applicants will be announced in mid-December.


  • Students registered full-time in a thesis based M.Sc. or PhD in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta.
  • Preference will be given to PhD Students or M.Sc. students in a program track leading toward a PhD program.
  • NEW: Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.3 from the past two years (see application form for detailed instructions on appropriate calculation).
  • Recipients of a 75th Anniversary Award may not hold a major award ($13,000 or greater), or any other stipend award from the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta.
  • Recipients of 75th Anniversary Awards are expected to apply for other sources of stipend support for current and subsequent years of study.
  • Applications from former recipients of a 75th Anniversary Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry Graduate Student Award will not be considered.

Submission Process

Deadline: Complete applications must be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. of Monday, September 26, 2022.

Applicants must submit their complete application electronically as ONE PDF FILE to fmdgrd@ualberta.ca. A complete application includes:

  • A completed current application form with signatures. Please do not use previous applications as forms are updated on a regular basis.
  • The student's up-to-date transcripts, including undergraduate transcripts. NEW: Transcripts do not need to be official, but must be complete and current. They do not need to be signed off by a graduate coordinator or administrator but MUST be copies of those submitted to the University of Alberta when you applied, or copies of the official ones sent to FGSR at a later date, post-admission. Those selected to receive an award may have their transcripts validated. If transcripts are not in English or French, do not submit original language versions -- submit the English translation only.
  • You MUST include a UofA transcript even if there are no grades
  • UPDATE: Please see the application form for instructions on GPA calculation, to ensure consistency.
  • Two letters of reference, one of which must be from the supervisor, emailed directly to fmdgrd@ualberta.ca. The student should not be copied on this email.

NOTE: Extraneous materials such as: curriculum vitae, reprints, special academic standing certificates professional licensure certificates, or other documentation are not required and must not be attached to the application.

Application Form

NEW: The same application form is used to apply for the 75th Anniversary Award, the FoMD Graduate Student Recruitment Studentship, the Dean's Doctoral Award, and the Violet Kilburn and Lawson endowed studentships. Submit the form ONCE and indicate in the space provided which of the competitions you are applying to. Please ensure your eligibility for each of the competitions you check off on the form.

 Application form

Award Adjudication

Applications are considered by an awards evaluation committee, chaired by the Associate Dean Research, Graduate Programs in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry.

If you require further information, please contact:

Nonso Ezenwa
Office of Research
Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
2-13 Heritage Medical Research Centre
Tel: 780-492-9721
Email: fmdgrd@ualberta.ca

Award Results

75th Anniversary Graduate Award Results (2021-2022)

The results of the 2021-22 competition of the 75th Anniversary Graduate Awards were announced on December 17th, 2021.

There were 38 successful applications from a total of 146 applications received, a 26% success rate. 8 recipients of the 75th Anniversary scholarship also received the Delnor award. 

The recipients of the 2021/22 75th Anniversary Graduate Awards are:

Student Supervisor
Arjomand Fard, Nazanin Wine, Eytan
Arntson, Cheryl Yoon, Minn; Shields, Rob
Attia, Karen Hocking, Jennifer
Bahojb Habibnia, Yasaman Elahi, Shokrollah
Britton, Angelle Mok, Sue-Ann
Capenakas, Silvia  Lagravere, Manuel
Chen, Junsheng (Delnor Award) Simmen, Thomas
Culp, Tyce Marchant, David
Ferdouse, Afroza (Delnor Award) Clugston, Robin
Folkins, Melanie Marchant, David
Grewal, Mantash Yue, Jessica
Hartley, Bridgette Julien, Olivier
Hoang, Kim Ngan Malykhin, Nikolai; Brown, Matthew
Hourigan, Brenna (Delnor Award) Tan, Qiumin
Ibanga, Jeremies Sipione, Simonetta
Lam, David Jackson, Jesse
Li, Yutong Cao, Bo
Luo, Shu (Delnor Award) Julien, Olivier
Maguire, Aislinn Kerr, Bradley
Maheux, Alexia Plane, Frances
Mast, Heather Lemieux, Helene; Blier, Pierre
McConnell, Jocelyn Saadet, Andrews
Mirkiani, Soroush (Delnor Award) Mushahwar, Vivian
Ong, Honyi Zochodne, Douglas
Pauline, Mirielle Turner, Justine
Rodriguez, Nicole (Delnor Award) Kozyrskyj, Anita
Saini, Arashdeep Touret, Nicolas
Shaha, Sumaiyah Riddell, Meghan
Shahid, Nayiar (Delnor Award) Hammond, James
Sharkova, Maria (declined) Hocking, Jennifer
Steinberg, Noam (Delnor Award) Sipione, Simonetta
Wang, Joy Zemp, Roger; Wuest, Frank
Wang, Jun Li Evans, David Hugh
Wang, Maggie Zhang, Dawei
Wass, Adam Taylor, Anna
Weyant, Robert Benson Cervera, Carlos
Wong, Jordan Pepper, Andrew
Wu, Simon Chan, Ming