Faculty Start-Up Funding


Start-Up funding provided by the faculty supports new recruits in establishing research labs and running a research program. Most faculty-provided Start-Up funds are administered by the Office of Research, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry and can potentially be co-mingled with department-provided Start-Up funding (i.e. in the same project). Funding amounts are stated in official employment offer letters.

Accessing Funds:

New faculty members should request a new research project via their Researcher Home Page in PeopleSoft. Information on using this module can be found here. The Research Services Office (RSO) can contact the Office of Research directly to confirm source of FoMD funding. Note: the recruit's department may have its own process for assisting faculty with project set up.

Terms of Reference:

  • Eligible start date of funding is no earlier than employment start date
  • Use of funds must adhere to UofA policies and procedures
  • Eligible expenses include, but not limited to, laboratory supplies and consumables, salaries of staff and students, research equipment
  • Funds cannot be used for hosting, visiting speakers, or any personal expenses or compensation
  • Funding is provided over three (3) years
  • Use the funds for an additional two (2) years is subject to formal request, justification (including spending plan) and approval by the Office of Research
  • Unused funds after 5 years are to be returned to the faculty