Costs, Tuition, & Fees

Fall/Winter Tuition for International Students 2017-2018

Calculating Course Fees

Every course at the University of Alberta has a fee index. This is represented by the (fi X) beside each course listed in the University of Alberta Calendar. Most undergraduate courses have a fee index of 6 for a three-credit course or 12 for a six-credit course. The cost of a course is therefore determined by multiplying the fee index of each course by the fee index value that is determined by the Board of Governors.

2017–2018 Half Course
★3 weight
fi =6
Half Course
★3 weight
fi = 6
Half Course
★6 weight
fi = 12
Half Course
★6 weight
fi = 12
Tuition (index value = $350.16) $2,100.96 $1,050.48 $4,201.92 $2,100.96

Fees are assessed after a student has registered. For Spring/Summer registrations, student-specific fee assessments are available online in mid February. For Fall/Winter registrations, student-specific online fee assessments are available in early July. The fee assessments are located in Bear Tracks under Financials > Fee Assessment. Please refer to the Non-Instructional Fees section for a detailed listing of all non-instructional fees.

Proposed 2018-19 tuition for international students

The cost of delivering programs increases every year. The University is proposing an increase to international tuition for the 2018/2019 academic year. This represents a 3.14% increase to instructional fees only. Fees are subject to approval by the University’s Board of Governors.

Undergraduate1 2017-182 2018-19 $ %
Arts and Science $21,009.60 $21,668.40 $658.80 3.14%
Business $27,636.32 $28,503.12 $866.80 3.14%
Engineering $25,211.52 $26,002.08 $790.56 3.14%
Juris Doctor (JD) Program $45,573.48 $47,003.48 $1,430.00 3.14%
Pharmacy (BSc Pharm) $39,431.68 $40,666.88 $1,235.20 3.14%
Economics Course $2,680.62 $2,764.70 $84.08 3.14%

Notes — Proposed Fall 2018 Tuition for international students

(1)Values are based on full-time per term and full-time per year unless otherwise stated.
(2) As approved by the Board of Governors, December 16, 2016.
(3) Figures may be rounded downwards at fee index level for administrative purposes, thus lowering the effective year over year percentage increase below 3.14 percent.

Program Differential Fees

In addition to the Instructional Fees, students admitted to the following program are assessed a Program Differential Fee.

Law (JD Program) Per Term Per Two Terms
2017–2018 Program Differential Fee Rate $11,581.62 $23,163.24

Market Modifier Fees

Engineering Market Modifier Per 3-credit of course weight
2017–2018 Market Modifier Rate $700.32
Business Market Modifier Per 3-credit Business course
2017–2018 Market Modifier Rate $828.34
Pharmacy Market Modifier  Per each 1-credit of core Pharmacy course
2017–2018 Market Modifier $531.92 
International Economics Subject Differential (100-level, 200-level and 300-level only* Per 3-credit course weight
2017–2018 International Economics Subject Differential Rate $579.66

*International Economics Subject Differential will apply to 400-level courses beginning on 2018–2019.

Centre Collegial de l'Alberta

Business Administration Diploma Courses Per 3-credit of course weight
Total cost per course $1,117.20