Scholarships, Awards, and Financial Support

Information for funding recipients

Congratulations on receiving an award offer from the University of Alberta! You will need to accept your award offer before you can receive your award funding. See below for more details on next steps. 

These instructions apply to awards administered by the University. if you are receiving a scholarship from another organization, please follow up with them for information on how to receive your funds.


By now you should have received an email containing a Notice of Award Letter to your UAlberta email address. This letter includes detailed information about the award you are receiving.

You can also view your award offers in Bear Tracks, under “Awards & Financial Support.” You may be prompted to choose a specific year/term. New offers will typically be reflected in the current award year. To review offers from prior years/terms, you can select "Change Award Year."

How to accept / decline your award

To accept your award offer(s):

  1. Log in to Bear Tracks and go to Awards & Financial Support > My Awards & Financial Support. (You may be prompted to choose a specific year/term.) 
  2. Review the terms of the award being offered to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements. 
  3.  Click “Accept” next to the award offer that you wish to accept. (Or Decline – see below.) 
  4. Enter your Social Insurance Number. (Your SIN is not mandatory, but makes it easier for our Financial Services to issue tax documents at the end of the year. If you do not provide a SIN, you can still accept the award.) 
  5. Read the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) statement and answer yes or no. Answering no to the FOIP statement does not affect your eligibility to receive the award. 

If you have been offered multiple awards, repeat the above steps as needed.

  • Why decline your award offer?

    If you do not plan on attending the University of Alberta, or if you no longer meet the award criteria, please decline the award offer so that we can offer it to another eligible recipient.

  • Deadline to accept/decline your awards

    Deadlines for Scholarships, Awards & Prizes offered between:

    • May 1 to August 31: see Fall Term registration deadline

    • September 1 to April 31: 30 days from the date of offer

    University Medals deadlines will be communicated in your Notice of Award letter.

How to receive your funds

In order to receive your funds, you must accept your award offer. You must also meet the award conditions and maintain full-time registration status at the University of Alberta in the faculty/department specified. Should your registration drop to part time, your funding will be prorated. 

The Office of the Registrar will review all awards following the Add/Drop Deadline of each term to ensure registration requirements are met. 

  • Payment & refunds

    Award offers made before January 1 will be divided and applied equally to the Fall and Winter terms. Award offers made after January 1 will be applied in full to the Winter term. 

    Your award funding will first be applied to any outstanding tuition and fees you may have. Any remaining funds will then be sent to you via direct deposit or cheque (see below) – but not before the Tuition Fee Refund deadline for that term. 

    Awards cannot be used to pay the Tuition Deposit. 

  • Direct deposit / banking information

    We encourage you to set up your direct deposit in Bear Tracks, as this is the quickest way to receive payment. Otherwise, a cheque will be mailed to your home address as listed in Bear Tracks (this process can take several weeks). To set up your direct deposit information in Bear Tracks, navigate to Financials - Direct Deposit. Please ensure both your direct deposit and home address in Bear Tracks are accurate and reflect up to date information. 

  • Taxes

    You will receive a T4A slip for any award funding you receive, for use on your next tax return. Taxes will not be deducted at the time your award is disbursed.

    In order to receive your T4A electronically, the Canada Revenue Agency requires that you provide consent, otherwise a paper copy will be mailed to your address listed in Bear Tracks. Please take the following steps to provide consent: 

    1. Sign into your Bear Tracks account. 
    2. Navigate to the “Financials” section.
    3. Click on the “T4A” tab. 
    4. Select “yes”. 
    5. Click “submit” to consent.

    In order to receive your 2019 T4A electronically, please provide consent by January 31, 2020.

How to thank your donor

Many undergraduate awards at the University of Alberta are funded through the generosity of donors. Even if you applied to a general scholarship competition, it’s likely that your funding will consist of individual, donor-backed awards. Your Notice of Award letter will include donor information. 

Please take a moment to Thank Your Donor. It only takes a few minutes, but it means a lot to our donors and goes a long way towards ensuring their continued generosity for future students like you!