Professional Expense Reimbursement Eligible Expenses


Associated costs of books and written material related to professional, teaching, research or administrative responsibilities. Receipts or invoices for expenditures of publications must include the title of the publication.


  • Books
  • Manuscripts
  • Journals
  • Magazines
  • Subscriptions (including electronic versions) to any of the above


  • Gift Cards
  • Travel Guide books

Conference Registration

Attendance at conferences, seminars & training courses that relate to work responsibilities or are intended to upgrade skills.

Eligible Expenses

  • Registration fees (can be submitted in advance of attendance
  • Conference Activities that are considered optional (e.g. golfing)
  • Payment of registration fees for other individuals


Equipment purchase, rental or repairs directly associated with any professional, teaching, research or administrative activity.


  • Computer (e.g. desktop, laptop)
  • Peripheral device (e.g. printer, scanner, keyboard, mouse)
  • Mobile device (e.g. cell phone, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry)
  • Portable storage (CDs, DVDs, USB drive)
  • Purchase or rental of equipment


  • Items which would normally be provided by the unit
  • Furnishings (e.g. standing desks, computer chairs, chair mats, lamps, frames, fans, whiteboards)


Hospitality expenditures where the primary purpose is to host external individuals where the event relates to conducting business of the university.


  • External hospitality only
  • Food, non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages
  • Celebratory events held by units such as Christmas party/lunch, BBQ/picnic or retirement receptions
  • Working sessions/meetings
  • University wide employee functions
  • Events that have no external individuals present

Membership Dues

Payment of membership dues in learned societies and professional organizations related to one's discipline.


  • Memberships
  • Dues
  • Professional Liability Fees


  • AASUA Dues
  • Faculty Club Memberships
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Club Memberships
  • Patent Fees
  • Airport Lounge Memberships


This broad category covers items such as clothing for attendance at convocation ceremonies, safety wear, office supplies and materials, lab supplies and materials, home internet use, etc.


  • Purchase or rental of academic robes (including cleaning costs)
  • Rental of formal apparel (tuxedos and gowns)
  • Safety garments, footwear and other required safety devices
  • Briefcase
  • Portfolio
  • Business cards
  • Photocopying charges
  • Home internet, router
  • Cell phone charges
  • Office materials and supplies
  • Lab materials and supplies
  • Membership processing fees


  • Purchase of formal apparel (tuxedos and gowns)
  • Furnishings (e.g. standing desks, computer chairs, chair mats, lamps, frames, fans, whiteboards)
  • FitBit and any accessories
  • Office supplies for home use
  • Purchase of One Card
  • Payments to, or any costs associated with paying individuals or unregistered companies for any services performed (e.g. editing, writing, marking)
  • Honorarium payments
  • Gifts for others, gift cards
  • Legal fees
  • Luggage
  • Parking passes (e.g. monthly or annual)
  • Parking expenses at primary work location
  • Monthly, annual, daily transit passes or transit ticket packages


Tuition or other educational costs in a field related to the staff members current or future responsibility with the University. Any tuition fees reimbursed under PER are not eligible expenses for individual tax credit.


  • Tuition fees leading to a degree, diploma or certificate or which are in addition to the existing tuition remission allowance


  • General interest courses
  • Courses non-professional in nature
  • Health/recreation facilities


Travel and associated expenses related to attendance at meetings, conferences or other similar professional activities. All travel claims must state the purpose of the business travel as outlined in the Travel Processes and Expense Procedure. Any travel must have already taken place prior to any reimbursement; the UAPPOL travel and expense procedure will determine the level of eligible reimbursement.


  • Air Travel
  • Vehicle Rental
  • Private Automobile
  • Other Ground Transportation
  • Accommodations
  • Meals (per diem allowance)
  • Flight cancellation insurance
  • Excess baggage fees
  • Telephone and data communication related to University business
  • Laundry and valet charges if travel is over 7 days
  • Gratuities for services (itemized)
  • Expenditures for off campus parking
  • Foreign exchange fees or charges
  • Travellers medical insurance and required vaccinations (not covered by the Supplementary Health Care Provisions)
  • Special visa and travel papers


  • Travel costs of another individual
  • Business or first class airfare
  • Personal phone calls
  • In room mini bar and movies
  • Interest charges on corporate or personal credit cards
  • Cancellation fees from failure to cancel transportation or hotel reservations
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Luggage
  • Additional private automobile insurance
  • Passport fees and/or Nexus Cards
  • Child/Dependent care
  • Combining University Business with Personal Travel limited to related expenses (e.g. air fare, accommodation, food) that would be applicable had the personal travel not occurred
  • Parking passes (e.g. monthly or annual)
  • Parking expenses at primary work location
  • Airport Lounge Annual Pass
  • Canada National Park Annual Pass