Preparing for on-campus work

Units and faculties are establishing their own return to campus schedules based on operational requirements. Employees will be notified of a transition to on-campus work 30 days prior to their transition date, when possible. Here is how you can prepare when you are notified of your transition to on-campus work.

Review campus safety protocols

Review the guidance found in the University of Alberta Safety Measures General Directives.

Identify your needs and concerns

Think about your needs and concerns and be prepared to discuss them with your supervisor.

  • Confirm what equipment you will be bringing back to the campus.
  • Identify any equipment you will need to work with colleagues who are working from home.
  • Discuss caregiving responsibilities, medical conditions or other concerns that may make the transition difficult
  • Bring up any questions you have about the campus safety protocols.

As always, employees who feel their working conditions are unsafe will be advised to raise the concern with their supervisor. Health, Safety and Environment can assist in the assessment of safe working conditions and work with the local unit to rectify concerns. Employees have the right to refuse to work in unsafe conditions. Standard processes will be followed should an unsafe working environment be identified.

Access well-being resources

You may experience increased worry or concern about your physical, mental and emotional health and well-being as you prepare for a transition to campus. As always, we encourage you to access support through the Employee and Family Assistance Program. Additionally, the Well-being in the Workplace—A Guide for Welcoming Staff to Campus has been developed to assist in managing stress and worry while navigating these changes.

Complete the Campus Safety Checklist

Complete the Campus Safety Checklist before coming to campus and follow health and safety guidance while on campus.

Check your technology is ready to use

Set aside some time to check that your technology is ready to use by completing the Return to Campus Technology Readiness Checklist.

Return your equipment

If you are transporting university assets such as physical records, laptops or mobile devices, review the transport and workspace considerations outlined in the Information Management and Records Checklist.

Be flexible

Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic response will not be static. Plans for transitioning to campus will need to be flexible as circumstances change.