Working During COVID-19

Faculty and staff play a crucial role in keeping our campus community healthy and minimizing the spread of COVID-19.

Stay home when you are unwell

By taking care of yourself today, you’ll be in better shape to accomplish your goals tomorrow.

Stay informed about COVID-19

Find information on the university's response to COVID-19 including updates, campus safety, health, support and more.

Balancing work and personal responsibilities

Managing your caregiving responsibilities

The goal of the university is to support all employees in fulfilling their personal and work commitments as we shift from a pandemic to an endemic state. If you need flexibility with your schedule in order to meet your personal or family obligations, talk to your manager or supervisor, department chair, or director.

  • Consider all reasonable options for alternative family obligations; expect to outline what you have explored to your supervisor.
  • Discuss options with your supervisor for modified hours or duties, and if you are working on campus, discuss working from home.
  • If you are unable to work due to childcare or other family or personal responsibilities, you may use vacation accrual, banked time, or request leave without pay.
  • Leave provisions as per the collective agreement or terms and conditions of employment (e.g. compassionate leave) will be applied.
Accommodations for medical or other reasons
If you develop a medical condition that impacts your ability to work on campus, or require alternate work arrangements due to personal health conditions, you may seek temporary medical accommodations or permanent medical accommodations.

Talk to your supervisor if you require alternate work arrangements for reasons other than your own health.
Managing your vacation and carryforward
Although travel restrictions may mean that you may have to adjust your vacation plans, collective agreement provisions and university policies related to accrual, use, and carryforward of vacation continue to apply.

  • Support Staff - see UAPPOL policy about managing staff vacation
  • Management and Professional Staff (MAPS) can carry forward up to five days of vacation time. Excess time can be carried forward with written consent of the dean or vice-presidents.
  • For Administrative Professional Officers (APOs), Temporary Librarian and Professional Staff (TLAPS) and Trust/Research Academic Staff (TRAS), vacation carry-over must get the pre-approval of the vice-president (APO/TLAPS) or the appointing officer (TRAS). See the collective agreement for more details.
  • Academic Teaching Staff (ATS) in Career Status and T12 status appointments can carryforward vacation only after they have the dean’s consent.
  • Other categories of employees do not have vacation carryforward.
Carryforward requests and approvals must be granted before the end of the vacation year (June 30 for academic staff and MAPS).

Adjusting to workplace changes

The COVID-19 pandemic made us adjust the way we work. Employees who are required in-person to ensure successful operational delivery have now returned to campus. Faculty and unit administrative staff may begin returning to campus according to their unit’s return to campus planning.

Preparing for on-campus work

Working from home

Working in a hybrid workplace

Accessing Support

Working during COVID-19 has been challenging. Support is available to help you with work and personal concerns.