Working during the COVID-19 pandemic

Current Status — UPDATED February 11, 2021

To minimize the number of people on our campuses and prevent the spread of COVID-19, all work that can be conducted remotely must continue to be conducted remotely until at least August 31, 2021. The only exceptions are:

One-time and occasional visits to campus can be permitted by supervisors and managers according to the above criteria. See the Approval Processes for Returning to Campus section of the Safety Measures General Directives for more information.

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Balancing work and personal responsibilities

Flexible Work Arrangements
The goal of the university is to support all employees in fulfilling their personal and work commitments during these uncertain times. If you need flexibility with your schedule in order to meet your personal or family obligations while working from home, talk to your manager or supervisor, department chair, or director.
Managing childcare or family caregiving
  • Consider all reasonable options for alternative family obligations; expect to outline what you have explored to your supervisor.
  • Discuss options with your supervisor for modified hours or duties, and if you are working on campus, discuss working from home.
  • If you are unable to work due to childcare or other family or personal responsibilities, you may use vacation accrual, banked time, or request leave without pay.
Caring for someone with COVID-19
  • Stay home and take all reasonable precautions to protect yourself while you care for the person. Contact Health Link at 811 for advice. 
  • Contact your supervisor to advise them of the reason for your absence. Discuss options for working from home with your supervisor.
  • Leave provisions as per the collective agreement or terms and conditions of employment (e.g. compassionate leave) will be applied.
  • You may use vacation accrual or banked time, or request leave without pay.

Leave and Pay Considerations

Refer to the Employee Leave and Pay Guidelines for information on pay continuance and leaves for each employee group during COVID-19.